Thriving in the Global Skills Shortage

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The new realities of work are creating long-term impacts — good and bad — for your organisation and people. The organisations that aren't struggling to navigate this uncharted wilderness succeed because they focus on developing the skills of their people.

Learn how successful organisations worldwide use skills to ensure they and their people are thriving post-pandemic and how your organisation can do it too.

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  • How high-performing organisations are leading with skills
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  • Practical tactics from leading with skills and becoming an HPO

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NSPCC revamps learning strategy, with child wellbeing at its heart

Customer Story

NSPCC revamps learning strategy, with child wellbeing at its heart

The NSPCC’s mission is to prevent abuse and neglect. The landscape of safeguarding children has changed significantly in recent years. The arrival of COVID-19 made reaching and supporting vulnerable children, while their needs and risks were rising, all the more challenging. However, the pandemic also presented an opportunity for the NSPCC to innovate and test new ways of working, with digitalising workforce learning being a key example. The NSPCC looked to implement a learning strategy that would enable it to give the best possible care to as many children as possible within this ‘new normal’, and well into the future. With a mixture of paid employees and volunteers across the organisation — from managing apprenticeships to inducting ChildLine volunteers to prepare them to answer calls from young people — NSPCC’s learning needs were broad, and it was important for the new learning strategy to be and feel as inclusive as possible.

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