Why skills are at the heart of attracting and retaining talent

Today’s biggest challenge for CHROs and HR leaders is attracting and retaining talent. In this video, Cornerstone’s Chief Learning Officer Marc Ramos shares why skills are at the heart of solving the growing talent crisis. Here are some of his key takeaways.

  • Being able to see how you can learn new things, progress and grow personally and professionally in an organisation is an attraction.

  • Managers are responsible for helping the team grow and grow themselves. It’s also their responsibility to block and protect the time for development.

  • Work has become much more innovative and democratised, and new technologies such as automation, digitisation, and AI support this trend.

  • Investing in skills has significant macroeconomic effects. It’s important, and good value, to recognise the untapped resource of skills you have internally and work to upskill it. 

Finally, remember that companies who look after their people tend to be better at attracting external talent, too. Watch the video to find out more!

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Your holistic guide to talent success in Hong Kong


Your holistic guide to talent success in Hong Kong

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