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The Cornerstone Learning & Talent Maturity Model: Transforming From Foundational to Administrative

Unlocking the potential of your people starts with gauging the effectiveness and maturity of your current talent strategy. Cornerstone’s Talent Health Index provides a comprehensive view of the state of talent programs, measuring four overall maturity levels of global organizations.

In this session, Cornerstone’s Cheryl Paxton Hughes and Joe Olszewski cover talent best practices to move your organization from the Foundational stage of maturity to the Administrative stage.

We’ve identified seven key dimensions that define talent maturity: culture and technology, skills strategy, learning and development, content strategy, performance management, talent mobility, and talent reporting, data and analytics. This video includes practical, actionable advice and ideas to help you move the needle in each of those dimensions.

If you aren’t sure where your organization falls on the maturity model, take our free assessment to see where you stand.

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2023 Talent Health Index Infographic


2023 Talent Health Index Infographic

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