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A look inside our new solution designed to solve the L&D challenges facing mid-sized organisations

You need to deploy and track compliance training, upskill and reskill your people, and provide opportunities for your teams to grow. But you also need a solution that fits your size: all-in-one, easy to administer, with a short time to implementation. Cornerstone Learning Fundamentals is your “just right” solution, enabling you to deliver required training while providing a personalised, curated, and collaborative learning experience for your people.

Launched April 2024, this all new learning solution for mid-sized organisations offers L&D teams relief from administrative burden, great analytics and access for your learners to over 3,000 off-the-shelf learning courses. Learning Fundamentals is sure to be a game changer for organisations with less than 5,000 employees.

Want to know more? Watch this On-Demand webinar where we discuss why we have developed this exciting new solution, give you a look inside the technology and explain why this is a must for mid-sized organisations looking to supercharge their learning programmes.

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Cornerstone Learning Management


Cornerstone Learning Management

In today’s digital environment, organizations want to transform corporate learning into digital learning experiences that help develop highly skilled, compliant, and agile teams. HR and learning leaders are responsible for delivering critical business outcomes while administering and tracking complex workforce training across departments and disconnected systems.

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