The anatomy of the modern learning system

The landscape of the corporate training industry is changing, thanks to evolving learner expectations and technologies. The learning organization must modernize to stay relevant, address the most pressing challenges faced by learning leaders and capitalize on the large investments made in training.

Training Industry, Inc. research has identified a number of key features of the modern learning system that incorporate innovations and trends in order to address the changing market and contemporary learning preferences.

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How learning tools help agencies cope with crisis


How learning tools help agencies cope with crisis

For state and local agencies, crises like global pandemics shouldn’t get in the way of providing critical services to citizens. Times of disruption can create opportunities for employees to learn and develop new skills for keeping up productivity, regardless of the challenges they encounter. This is especially true for those now required to work from home; they must have access to the right tools to not only stay connected with their colleagues but also still be able to grow and develop in their careers. Discover how four agencies have leaned into online learning to help their employees overcome the challenges posed by unexpected crises.

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