The anatomy of the modern learning system

The landscape of the corporate training industry is changing, thanks to evolving learner expectations and technologies. The learning organization must modernize to stay relevant, address the most pressing challenges faced by learning leaders and capitalize on the large investments made in training.

Training Industry, Inc. research has identified a number of key features of the modern learning system that incorporate innovations and trends in order to address the changing market and contemporary learning preferences.

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Protolabs brings innovative mindset to compliance and competency training

Customer Story

Protolabs brings innovative mindset to compliance and competency training

Protolabs is a Minnesota-based digital manufacturing company servicing product developers, engineers and supply chain teams across the globe. Their approach to production weds automation to innovation, and it’s helped them stay at the forefront of changes in their industry for over two decades. While Protolabs prizes the ability to get a job done fast, they strive never to trade speed for quality. When they were training new employees and powering other aspects of online learning, they sought a partner who could balance efficiency and effectiveness as they do. Cornerstone fits their bill, and they’re already using Cornerstone Learning to innovate their way into the future yet again. That’s just what Protolabs does.

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