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Appraise and engage: Research-backed tactics for transformative learning and development

New research from Cornerstone’s global Talent Health Index found most surveyed organizations are falling behind with their talent initiatives, including L&D and skills strategy.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Mike Bollinger, Global VP, Strategic Initiatives and Training Magazine, to discover how to improve these critical aspects of your talent program and exceed rising employee expectations.

You’ll learn:

  • Key areas where today’s employees want to up-level their skills development
  • How High-Performing Organizations make their learning programs enticing for employees
  • How to assess your own organization’s talent strategies and uncover your most pressing challenges
  • Practical ways to improve your programs and ensure your people get the growth and development opportunities they need

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Cornerstone Learning Management


Cornerstone Learning Management

In today’s digital environment, organizations want to transform corporate learning into digital learning experiences that help develop highly skilled, compliant, and agile teams. HR and learning leaders are responsible for delivering critical business outcomes while administering and tracking complex workforce training across departments and disconnected systems.

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