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Automation Direct Doubling Candidate Submissions Via Configurable Career Pages & Social Recruiting

The company began the search for a recruiting and learning solution that would make it easier for both hiring managers and candidates to navigate the selection process. Brehl and her team had a list of specific requirements for the new system. “We wanted a solution that was reliable and configurable. I like to be able to change the look and feel of the system so it can stay fresh, but I didn’t want to have to ask someone to make the changes. We also wanted collaborative and social recruiting functionality.”

AutomationDirect evaluated several companies that offered both applicant tracking and learning software, and chose Cornerstone. “With Cornerstone, we could keep our historical candidates and historical training from our prior system. We could configure the system ourselves, and set up custom email templates and electronic offer letters,” said Brehl. “Cornerstone would also enable us to automate new hire onboarding and training.”

The Results

Doubled candidate submissions

HR has created targeted, branded career pages to engage different types of candidates, as well as facilitate employee referrals and social recruiting. “Our candidate submissions have more than doubled. I attribute that to Cornerstone’s ease of use for candidates and the social recruiting functionality,” said Brehl. “Plus, it makes a big difference when employees can share socially. We’ve seen a huge increase in our Facebook candidates.”

Created in-product training for managers

When using the hiring portals, managers and outside agencies can access help at any time. “We built instructions into the process, with links to task areas. Users never have to search for what to do next,” said Brehl. To keep managers in the flow of work, Brehl designed many of the instructions as pop-up windows.

Improved source tracking

Previously, the company lacked reliable data on the source of candidates. “With our old system, I didn’t always know where our candidates were coming from. With Cornerstone, there’s no question,” said Brehl. “We know when it’s an employee or social referral. It’s very specific and it helps us target our spending more effectively.”

Reduced time spent prescreening candidates

The team can now quickly remove unqualified candidates from consideration. “The knockout questions prevent certain candidates from being reviewed,” said Brehl. The prescreening process has also given the team the opportunity to fine-tune position requirements. “Before we post a position, I ensure everyone knows they won’t see candidates who don’t have certain qualifications. It’s a great opportunity for them to hone in on what the requirements really should be.”

Increased visibility

With Cornerstone, Brehl and her team have complete visibility throughout the entire hiring process. “We’re notified every time there’s an updated candidate status. That has been a great efficiency. The electronic offer letters are also fantastic. We know immediately when a candidate makes a decision.”

Automated onboarding process

The team uses Cornerstone to automatically deliver “bite-sized” training over a 30-day onboarding period. “New hires are thinking about a lot of different things in their first month, so we give them small pieces of important information to digest over time. Once they’re hired they’re put into training automatically. Onboarding is seamless,” said Brehl.

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