BambooHR User & OU Inbound Integration

BambooHR is helping organizations drive efficiencies through productive integrations with Cornerstone.

One of the benefits of Cornerstone is that you can integrate our products into thousands of other programs, even those of our competitors.

BambooHR is a best-in-class HR and payroll platform. With them, you can unlock workflows, data, and insights to give your leaders the tools to streamline operations and focus on strategic people priorities. Their HR software makes it easier for your people leaders, managers, and executives to complete their foundational work while creating impactful employee experiences.

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Optimize your employee experience

Blog Post

Optimize your employee experience

In 2022, the Cornerstone Thought Leadership and Advisory Services team (TLAS) met with over 200 customers from 155 unique organizations during a series of skills workshops. During these sessions, we collected insights into how customers are developing and maturing their approach to skills as it relates to their overall talent management strategy. We published a white paper on our findings — Your journey to career pathways and empowered employees.

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