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BBVA implements innovative learning strategies for employees

BBVA, a global financial group, relies on Cornerstone Learning, Cornerstone Content Anytime and Cornerstone Performance to offer the best learning and growth experience to its workforce

More than a decade ago, BBVA began a digital transformation process that has accelerated in recent years. The increased speed of this needed transformation required an agile response from their talent development team. With new jobs and competencies needed to ensure a successful business transformation, BBVA turned to Cornerstone, and together, we accelerated and modernized their workforce learning strategy. With Cornerstone Learning, Cornerstone Content Anytime and Cornerstone Performance, BBVA created several innovative talent projects, each with the goal of giving their employees the most accessible and personalized learning and development tools.

Watch the video to learn more about BBVA's most successful projects, like:

  • B-token Model
    A gamified online learning platform experience that’s rewarding, interactive and entertaining
  • “The Camp” Project
    A company-wide, people-first initiative designed to accelerate the "reskilling and upskilling" of employees

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