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Build – Buy – Borrow: Internal and External Talent Acquisition

The talent acquisition market has never been more turbulent than it is today, with talent shortages in key growth areas, layoffs in others and a workforce with shifting priorities; getting the right people with the right skills to join and stay at your organisation can be tough.

In this virtual workshop with HR Grapevine, the Cornerstone team discussed the simple step of bringing it all back to basics, current market and technology trends to watch out for, the role of ethical AI in TA, and the importance now more than ever, of looking inwards for the skills you need for today and the future.

Looking at three ways of sourcing talent - building it internally, buying it in from outside or borrowing it for projects and gigs, this interactive Q&A session aimed to:

  • Remove the noise and bring you back to the basics of talent acquisition
  • Take a look at the current market and technology trends impacting TA
  • Show you how you can plan and build a workforce for the future from within

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