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Cartoon Coffee Break: New Employee Habits

Terry LaBan

Cartoonist and Illustrator

Editor's Note: This post is part of our "Cartoon Coffee Break" series. While we take talent management seriously, we also know it's important to have a good laugh. Check back regularly for a new ReWork cartoon.

Most employers report steady levels of productivity among their employees during this work-from-home period. Employees are taking advantage of the time gained from not having to commute or deal with in-office distractions. Employees report increased availability for calls and meetings and flexibility in their schedules. This has been especially crucial for employees who, as a result of this pandemic, have had to juggle job tasks and child care daily.

For others, this experience has helped them get better at balancing their personal and professional lives. Many are applying this extra time to personal interests, goals and hobbies. Some have been working on their cooking skills. Baking homemade bread, for example, was a popular trend at the beginning of the nationwide lock-down—while others are picking up long-lost hobbies like art or music. And according to Cornerstone’s own research, many employees are using this time to learn new skills that will help further their career.

What does this shift mean for post-pandemic workplaces? Companies are going to need to prioritize the employee experience. Work-life balance and flexibility will transform from perks to common expectations—and organizations must be ready to not only accommodate this, but proactively plan for it.

For more ways to prepare your workplace for a post-pandemic world, read more tips from Cornerstone’s AVP of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness Jeff Miller here.

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