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23rd MAY, 5th JULY and 8th AUGUST, 2023 | VIRTUAL

Join the Cornerstone Content Team as they explore our top trending learning topics in this Content Café Series. Following on from our March Content Investment Trends session, we are taking the four top trending topics from across our 100 million users and going deeper.

Taking a topic each month from Sustainability, Technology, DEIB and, Health and Wellness, we will look at why that topic is trending, why businesses need content on that subject and what content is available, as well as what to expect next from Cornerstone Content Anytime.

Take forty minutes out of your month to understand each key topic area and get insights into a content subscription service that delivers real-world impact.

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The Topics

    From recruitment considerations to financial stakeholder investments, the wider world is waking up to the environmental impact businesses have on the world around us. Join us on 21st April - the day before World Earth Day – as we look deeper at the topics of ESG and Sustainability. During the webinar we will discuss what exactly these topics are, and why are they such focus-topics for the modern business.

    During this session we will be joined by Prasad Gollakota, Chief Content Officer at our partner Finance Unlocked. Prasad is responsible for sustainability content at Finance Unlocked and will look at what content is available, trending and in-demand, as well as what new content is being developed right now to support organisation’s to promote sustainability in-house.

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    A new addition to the top four in our recent content consumption trends analysis, Technology related content is in high demand right now. With more organisations than ever before trying to attract and retain top tech-talent, how can businesses ensure that the people they hire stay relevant, and the people they want to develop into tech roles have the right tools and programs available to them – with high impact technology learning content of course!

    Join the Cornerstone Team as we look at the technology content available on Cornerstone Content Anytime and explore why this content has made such an impression in recent months.

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    DEIB (Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging) has long held a top spot in most organisations’ learning libraries, purely from a compliance or company culture development point of view. However, this content was often staid and corporate with no consideration given to the humans behind the training requirements. With our Originals series, Cornerstone has taken a more human-first approach to DEIB training, bringing real people, having real conversations front and centre. The Originals series has won multiple awards and gained a huge global following, purely for the real-life stories and people on screen talking about topics as wide-ranging as ageism, sexism, disability and racism.

    Join us on this content café to find out what’s next for DEIB content at Cornerstone and learn what other DEIB content we have available for your learning libraries.

    Health and Wellness content shot to fame during the pandemic, with more organisations tuning into the mental health toll the isolation of lockdowns around the world were having on their employees. Looking for ways to support team members to build their resilience and coping mechanisms underpinned this high increase in health and wellness content consumption. Post-pandemic however, burnout has become more common than ever before as people now struggle to draw the line between work and home, given how blended they have come in recent years.

    Tune into this session on 8th August to see what content is out there from across our partner network to help your organisation offer wellbeing support to its people. We will also look at what courses are getting the highest completion rates and which ones are in development right now.

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