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Cornerstone: 25 years of innovation and continuous improvement

Toya Del Valle

Chief Customer Officer, Cornerstone

We’re at an incredible inflection point in the history of Cornerstone as we continue to drive our unwavering commitment to customer-centricity. We've always believed in building partnerships with our customers based on trust and mutual growth, and this philosophy has enabled us to understand and address your unique challenges.

With this in mind, we tailor our products and solutions to address your current needs and empower your future ambitions. And after 25 years, we continue to enhance your customer journey with Cornerstone with these exciting updates to come in 2024.

Listening and adapting: The key to continuous improvement

How we serve you is just as important as the innovative products we build, and our nearly 4,000 employees are here to meet your needs. As part of this focused approach, we want to underscore our commitment to listening to your feedback, which is critical in guiding our evolution with you.

Aligned with our mantra of continuous improvement, we conducted a global customer survey. Based on your feedback and our insights on the future of work, we'd like to share the investments and improvements we're making at Cornerstone to drive your success.

Product quality and reliability: Enhancing your user experience

We’re focusing on improving the quality and reliability of our products and solutions with every product release. In 2023, we saw continued advancements across Cornerstone in several key areas, including:

  • Decreased customer escalated defects by 80% through targeted solutions
  • Improved the user experience by launching 400+ accessibility enhancements
  • Implemented robust protocols to maintain infrastructure availability of 99.99%

Starting in May 2024, we’re updating the functionality and process for sharing your product feedback utilizing predictive text and AI. This will enable you to upvote a specific piece of feedback. This new process will help us better understand your most desired improvements and prioritize our roadmap accordingly.

Dependable technical support: We’re here when you need help

We understand the importance of technical support and having a trusted partner to rely on when encountering challenges. In the last year, we’ve been diligently working to better serve your needs, such as:

  • Reduced time to resolution by 10%
  • Decreased average first response time to less than 4 hours
  • Improved the cadence of timely and consistent updates so you know the status of your issue and what to expect from us along the way

A robust learning team: Empowering your product education journey

To support the continuous advancements we’re making to our products and your experience with us, we’re evolving our learning team to help you make the most out of your Cornerstone investment and become power users of our products. With this investment, you can:

  • Access more training courses, certification programs, workshops, and boot camps tailored to your business outcomes
  • Incorporate trend-setting design elements into your learning capabilities
  • Learn from comprehensive knowledge management resources, detailed process documents, hands-on coaching, and observation sessions

We welcome your ongoing feedback, as it is critical in driving our partnership with you and for the next 25 years of Cornerstone. While our journey has been extraordinary, we believe the best is yet to come.

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