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One of the best ways to reward and engage your star employees is also one of the most basic, paying them for doing great work. But when and how much to pay them is where it can get tricky. With a transparent, pay-for-performance culture, you can drive retention and long-term loyalty by rewarding employees in direct relation to their performance. With Cornerstone Compensation, your organization can effectively plan, analyze, and implement workforce compensation at scale, regardless of compensation types.

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FirstBank keeps things personal with their Cornerstone partnership

Customer Story

FirstBank keeps things personal with their Cornerstone partnership

FirstBank of Tennessee pride themselves on their personal touch. Founded in 1906, this small-town Scotts Hill, TN institution has since expanded into major city centers like Memphis andNashville, Knoxville and Birmingham. Along the way, FirstBank has remained focused on creating a sense of community with their customer base. In a world of mega-banks and corporate conglomerates, their emphasis on the local and personalized sets them apart.

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