Cornerstone Learning SBX Extended Enterprise

For many organizations, tracking and managing training goes beyond HR and their workforce. They also have to train customers, partners, expanded sales teams, franchises, distributors, and more. These external learners expect the same type of secure, consumer-grade, meaningful learning experiences that your employees do. They want access to your videos, courses, in-depth training, and bite-sized content when and where they need it.

With Cornerstone Learning SBX, you can engage and train your entire ecosystem with highly configurable and branded learning sites. And you can personalize these sites’ course catalogs and workflows by audience, industry, geography, and more.

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Infographic: Winning C-level support for learning investments


Infographic: Winning C-level support for learning investments

In a time of increased oversight and tightened budgets, it’s crucial to speak to the individual priorities and pain points of your decision-makers when making a pitch for learning investments. This infographic will help you jump-start those conversations and measure the metrics that matter most.

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