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Move beyond painful performance management processes and rethink the way you inspire manage and develop your people. Whether you’re a team manager, a rising star, or a business executive, Cornerstone Performance motivates all employees and inspires great work. With Cornerstone Performance, organizations finally have an engaging performance management system that enables collaborative goal setting, continuous, meaningful feedback, and analytics to make smart business decisions.

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The ABC's (Literally) of Goal Setting


The ABC's (Literally) of Goal Setting

Why business growth comes down to driving objectives and key results. Every business experiences growing pains at some point in its life cycle. This is especially true for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as they begin to achieve their primary objectives and key results. Weve seen this story play out many times before: one day youre operating a quintessential “mom and pop,” and the next youre struggling to keep up with demand.

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