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Cornerstone’s Content Anytime Library Recognized As An Industry Leader in Online Learning Libraries

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As anyone balancing work and life during the COVID-19 pandemic can attest, maintaining positive forward momentum requires skills like adaptability, stress management and communication. With this in mind, Cornerstone launched its #DigitalLearningEvent, an ongoing initiative that delivers targeted courses via our Content Anytime learning platform. Our aim is to empower employees to build their personal and skills development—even in the midst of a pandemic—and we’re honored that Training Industry Magazine recently recognized us as one of the 2020 Top Online Learning Library Companies for our effort.

We’re humbled to have been chosen not only for the breadth and quality of our Content Anytime platform, but also because of the impact that this library has made recently. Since the onset of the pandemic, more than 27.5 million hours of Cornerstone content have been streamed around the world—that’s six times more than other corporate learning platforms.

The content we delivered was strategic, and based on research. Using anonymized data from the 40 million learners across Cornerstone’s platforms, we determined which soft skills were most important to employees and organization right now, throughout this pandemic. This study revealed the 13 most important soft skills, ranging from communication techniques for remote teams, to coping with stress and combating unconscious bias. And, as we usher in a new, post-pandemic world of work, these skills are continuing to shape our core curriculum on the Cornerstone Content Anytime platform.

Targeted Training for the New Normal

Professional skills training needs to be a focus for any company hoping to adequately prepare their workforce for future growth and success: A 2019 analysis of workforce training programs by the American Enterprise Institute revealed that soft skills were the differentiator enabling workers to sustain and advance in their careers. But many organizations are still behind—another survey found that while 91% of companies felt they should be providing reskilling opportunities, only one in five were actually doing so. The Cornerstone Content Anytime platform and its #DigitalLearningEvent offering can help companies get started on these learning initiatives.

As a part of the #DigitalLearningEvent, our courses targeting the 13 key skills are currently available to all learners free of charge. Companies and organizations will be able to access four courses under each of the identified skills, for a total of 52 digital education programs. The offerings run the gamut from practical skills to soft skills and people management advice.

The working landscape is constantly evolving—that’s certain. But Cornerstone remains committed to raising awareness about what skills are most important, reducing barriers to access for anyone looking to continue their professional development and inspiring workforces to continue thriving—even during difficult times.

To sample some of the courses in Cornerstone’s award-winning library, click here.

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Blog Post

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