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Four ways to become a better leader

Federico Francini

Country Manager - Italy

More than ever, employees need a strong leader. They need someone who they can trust, who they can confide in, and who can provide a level of comfort in an uncertain situation. If there was a time to change your leadership style, it’s now.

Have you ever had someone leave a job because they didn’t get on with their boss? Research also suggests that having to deal with difficult managers is among one of the top five causes for employees wanting to change jobs. Controlling management styles and providing hyper-critical feedback are just some examples of the problems employees have with managers, causing them to look elsewhere for work.

So how can a manager improve their image amongst their employees? And how can this help improve retention rates? Here are four quick tips to become a better leader for your team.

Find time to welcome new arrivals

Making the effort to personally welcome newcomers to the team is essential. Whilst it may seem like a waste of time in some cases, especially when new employees arrive to fill already advanced positions, it projects an image of a leader that is genuine and cares about their employees from the get-go. The first few weeks for a new employee are all about settling into the new role, and part of that is getting to know who’s who. Managers should spend time welcoming new arrivals and getting to know them in order to create a stronger relationship. An employee who feels welcomed right from the start sets a precedent for a long working relationship with the company.

Be transparent when communicating

Another good habit to adopt as a leader is transparent communication. This can often be forgotten due to lack of time but serves as an important tool between leaders and employees. Giving feedback and performance reviews once a year, for example, is not enough to allow employees to progress. Ideally, you should be scheduling performance reviews regularly with your employees to discuss their successes and how they can achieve their goals. It allows employees to identify any hurdles and talk about them on a regular basis. A true leader should know how to listen and offer their guidance where necessary.

Be flexible

Flexible working options and initiatives to improve work -life balance are considered one of the top perks that employers can offer. By offering flexible working options, you are showing your team that you care about their wellbeing and work-life balance. It can also act as a double benefit to the employer because it can make workers more productive. A flexible working culture is also an attractive recruitment initiative.

Show your commitment

Doing good makes us feel good. Often, we feel good when we get involved in big initiatives that are outside of our daily work activities, such as charity activities or voluntary programmes. As a leader, actively encouraging employees to take part in extra activities can improve team moral and bring you closer to your employees. From your employees’ perspective, they see this as an opportunity to be part of something bigger that contributes to society, and it makes them feel good too, improving their happiness and well-being.

Involving employees in volunteer programmes or charity events not only helps to establish relationships that go beyond just a professional one, but also helps to create a work environment they can feel proud of. And nobody leaves a company they are proud to be a part of.

Being a leader is more than just about guiding your business to success. It’s about being a mentor to your employees and guiding them through their progress at the company. Even though employees will still come and go, the leaders who show compassion and confidence in their employees will be the ones who are remembered.

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