Want your employees to stay put? Help them move up with these talent mobility assets

Today’s workers want room to grow. Your job as an employer is to empower them to grow with your organization. In other words, the best way to help your employees stay put is to show them how much room there is to move.

Watch this video for more insights from Cornerstone’s 2023 talent mobility study all about fostering the fulfilling growth your team members crave.

Want to learn more? Read “Ready, set, grow: The building blocks for high-impact talent mobility” to get an even better idea of how to entice your employees to go the distance with your company.

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Cornerstone Opportunity Marketplace


Cornerstone Opportunity Marketplace

Cornerstone Opportunity Marketplace provides inclusive access to internal opportunities like projects, gigs, connections to mentors, and new roles – at scale through the power of AI. Employees will have the visibility, connections, and experiences they need to get the career they want – with the learning that will get them there. Also, with visibility to workforce insights, organizations can look ahead to make use of people’s skills now while looking ahead to develop their potential. Opportunity Marketplace provides a seamless, holistic development experience to engage and retain employees, and drive workforce agility.

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