How do you attract the right talent?

Visibility of opportunities is important to attract the right and diverse set of talent, according to Marc Ramos, Chief Learning Officer at Cornerstone. People might not even be aware that there is a course, a project or a job available. And that once they have discovered the opportunity, they need to be able to access it directly.

There are three ways that organisations can be proactive in making opportunities visible in a proactive and systematic way.

  • Is skill development part of the culture, and is there that curiosity and interest for learning, growing and sharing? This is something the company has direct responsibility for.

  • Today’s modern-day employee has a lot of freedom as work is becoming more democratised. This also means that the individual has to make personal choices for themselves.

  • Ensure that the technology used to distribute the learning in the organisation does it so that the experience is unique to the individual.

You can read more about how to attract the right talent in the Talent Health Index Report 2023 and see how your own talent management programme compares to others.

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How to keep your employees from jumping ship


How to keep your employees from jumping ship

Learning. Empathy. Advancement. Purpose (LEAP). The key to retaining employees, especially in times of low unemployment, lies in building a company culture based on these four words. Low unemployment means that employees are in the driver's seat, choosing the jobs they want and jumping ship for better opportunities when they come along. Job openings are plentiful and employees have a lot of choice in front of them.

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