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How Personalized Learning Boosts Employee Performance

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As people work and collaborate in new ways, they need learning environments that are engaging, accessible, impactful, scalable and relevant. That's why it's critical that your organization continues to invest in your people with personalized learning to help them upskill in their roles over time.

Personalized learning is employee-centric while staying aligned to the goals and needs of the organization.

Making the Connection: Personalized Learning and High Performance

In 2018, Saba Software – now part of Cornerstone – collaborated with Brandon Hall Group, an HR research and analysis firm, to conduct a study on the link between learning and performance.

The study found that high-performing organizations are more likely to offer personalized learning to their people than other companies. In compelling numbers, high-performing organizations reported that they agreed or strongly agreed that personalized learning:

Improves the link between learning and individual performance

Improves the link between learning and organizational performance

Supports an employee in reaching professional goals more efficiently

Supports employee needs for continuous development

Helps to improve organizational strategies, mission or vision

Aligns with the 70:20:10 framework

Personalized learning is the norm at 62 percent of high-performing organizations while 35 percent of other organizations also make it a priority. Clearly, these organizations are onto something. And when organizations link learning to performance, they're a success story in the making. These top organizations cleverly devise and then execute a strategy to link learning and performance.

Learning in the workplace is changing, evolving to keep up with the needs of both the business and its people. The increase in learning personalization helps to create a culture of continuous learning and development. It brings out the best in all team members so that they can deliver their best at work, every day.

Start now: Link Learning to Performance at Your Organization

High-performing organizations understand that learning and performance management do not merely co-exist; they are dependent upon each other. And personalized learning is just one way to link learning to performance at your organization.

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Are You Ready for Personalized Learning?

Blog Post

Are You Ready for Personalized Learning?

When my family moved to Florida eight years ago, we bought a house with a pool. We loved looking outside at night with the pool light on; peaceful and beautiful. But a few months later, the bulb burned out. Rather than call the pool guy, my husband went on YouTube and learned how to replace the bulb.

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