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How Westpac Banking accelerated onboarding with MyGuide

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Westpac Banking Corporation is one of the world's largest financial institutions, founded in 1817, headquartered in Australia. With its presence across the globe, Westpac provides a broad range of banking and financial services including institutional banking, customer, business and wealth management services to its customer base.

As part of a larger strategic plan, Westpac was required to revamp and strengthen its technology environment. The company rolled out a new banking platform and needed to onboard employees to the new system without spending time and energy training, documenting, and organizing workshops. Westpac also needed to transfer knowledge from subject matter experts to new hires and colleagues in a scalable manner.

Need for digital transformation

Westpac’s IT transformation journey led to replacing multiple legacy HR and financial systems with new applications.

The project was of such an immense nature that achieving total adoption of the new system would be difficult. And slow adoption threatened Westpac's ability to gain value from their billions of IT spend quickly.

Westpac also rolled out a new banking platform to thousands of employees, including lenders, credit managers, and assessors. Their platform automates and streamlines an end-to-end process for a loan from start to finish. The most challenging problem for the bank was to quickly close loan applications to their customers.

Any large-scale project requires an incredible amount of training and support from SMEs across the business. And there was no guarantee that employees would retain knowledge after the training sessions. Westpac realized that users who had access to support in the “flow of work” were more likely to be more proficient within the system and adopt the digital tool than those who only remember training sessions.

Westpac’s structure is incredibly agile and requires resources to jump across various projects. Systems, processes, and installation can vary as employees enter new spaces, requiring them to quickly learn the inner workings of an application, business process, workflow, or transaction. This presents a unique challenge of training employees on new systems to achieve desired efficiency and quick onboarding for Westpac employees.

The above business challenges required Westpac to look for an in-app training and digital adoption platform to enable contextual guided learning or Learning in the “Flow of Work” at scale. MyGuide, an EdCast by Cornerstone product, offers this exact experience to digital users.

EdCast by Cornerstone MyGuide solution

To overcome the challenges of faster onboarding, enable digital learning, boost knowledge sharing between employees and increase productivity, Westpac uses MyGuide from EdCast by Cornerstone. They do this through a self-serve model where content is “on-demand” and conveniently delivered inside core applications in order to accelerate the digital adoption of new applications used globally.

MyGuide drives engagement and in-app support to ensure that Westpac’s human capital and tacit internal knowledge are shared across the organizations without needing hands-on training or IT support. This allows experts at Westpac to make valuable contributions to internal processes so that best practices are well-known and consistently practiced.

User Onboarding

MyGuide provides step-by-step guidance as an overlay to the Westpac application with audio/video in native languages. MyGuide enables trainers to easily create multiple interactive on-screen guides that allow users to quickly and accurately complete many complex tasks. This core functionality is known as “GuideMe.”

Content created as a guide can also be available as a PDF, PPT, DOC, GIF, and video. This is called “ShowMe.”

Workflow Automation

In addition to being learned, they can also automate guides. This removes any potential for human error while performing a task and allows users to spend their time on other meaningful tasks. This is called “DoItForMe.”

Content Accessibility

Next, MyGuide gives users the flexibility to access in-app guides across web browsers so that they can access content on the go, anywhere, anytime. There are substantial productivity gains by having all training content aggregated and consolidated in one place. MyGuide creates a valuable jumping-off point for users to navigate new applications and works with any type of application. Thus, exploring a new application's homepage becomes much easier and more engaging. Employees learn workflows more quickly if guides are interactive and embedded within the application.

Search Insights

MyGuide provides valuable insights into how users perform within an application, as well as the content and the application itself. For example, the search data from an organization tells them what training areas are in demand.

User Engagement Insights

Change managers can gain an in-depth understanding of the usage data of each specific application and how it is performing via pages, features, workflows, and funnel intelligence. This allows companies to delve deeper into the overall employee experience to empower higher levels of efficiency. Usage data helps paint a better picture of the onboarding process, the customer journey, and how different types of users interact with an application.

Measurable impact

Increased System Proficiency

Westpac saw an uptick in system proficiency using analytics to monitor guides and user engagement. With a simple view of analytics, they could use the information to drive business decisions across various projects and understand what works best. Insightful dashboards support leaders at Westpac and their goal to get users more engaged.

Productivity with Insights

During certain events, such as internal restructuring, implementation of new technology, events, or including a manager in a critical process, MyGuide was able to provide contextual insights on adoption and productivity to functional leaders.

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