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ICYMI: Daniel Pink, Company Culture and the Mobile Imperative at Convergence 2015

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Following a fantastic lineup of talent management experts (not to mention a rock star) on the first day of Convergence 2015, we continued the conversation today with more inspiring use-cases, insightful trends and best practices for empowering people in the new world of work.

Check out the recap below to learn more about the ideas shared and discussed today, and join the conversation with #CSODConf15! For information about the availability of presentations after the conference, follow @CSODConvergence on Twitter.

Why Perspective is Key to Success

For his latest book, keynote speaker Daniel Pink wanted to answer a pressing question:

"What do people do all day at work?"

The answer? Sell, sell, sell. Even if you're not a traditional salesperson, Pink said, you likely spend 41 percent of your workday asking people to do something they're not already doing. And in a world where information is readily available to anyone, "sales" is quite a different ballgame—sellers no longer have an natural advantage over buyers. For example, a recruiter's claims can immediately be confirmed or disproved by a candidate through a site like Glassdoor. As the audience learned, success at work now relies on your ability to motivate people by understanding multiple perspectives—and providing proof for your own.

Listening to the amazing @DanielPink on how to motivate others. #CSODConf15 #TribridgeLabs @TribridgeHCM

— Georgia Williams (@GwilliHCM) May 13, 2015

@DanielPink : don't waste time attempting to change (employee) behavior - instead offer an off-ramp (for improved performance) #CSODConf15

— Laci Loew (@LaciLoew) May 13, 2015

Wanna be more persuasive? Reduce your feelings of power to focus the other side's perspective. #CSODConf15

— Kristen Casalenuovo (@elearninghustle) May 13, 2015

Creating a Culture That Matters

A great company culture is crucial for recruiting and employee engagement, but defining that culture can be difficult as your business grows and changes. Today's sessions continued the conversation on how to design and integrate culture with your talent management strategy, and audience members chimed in with their favorite takeaways.

"HR needs to be the light, not lampshade on employee culture." SVP of HR Denise Domian of @BonTon. #CSODConf15

— CSOD_Convergence (@CsodConvergence) May 12, 2015

Greg Churchman: Business as a force for good is a key ingredient for success brewing at @newbelgium #csodconf15 #forceforgood

— Todd Kierman (@tkierman) May 13, 2015

@Heineken sharing their #learning strategy @ #CSODConf15

— Tribridge HCM (@TribridgeHCM) May 13, 2015

Breaking Down the Mobile-Driven Workforce

Mobile access is a necessity for employers, and many of today's sessions touched on mobility as a key consideration in any workforce program. But how can employers ensure employees have the tools and resources they need? Attendees chimed in:

"Mobile is raising expectations." Need intuitive design & bite-sized, visual content for #mobilelearning #CSODConf15

— Kate Newman (@mkcnewman) May 13, 2015

And the RAVE Award Goes To...

Let's state the obvious: recognition is key to a happy and engaged community. It's important to recognize your employees, and it's important to recognize our clients. The annual Client RAVE Awards recognized this year's most innovative talent strategies and the teams driving those initiatives. Congratulations to our winners!

We are thrilled to honor each of our winners for visionary initiatives! #csodconf15 #RaveAwards

— CSOD_Convergence (@CsodConvergence) May 13, 2015

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