Inteligencia Artificial - Robots de los que podemos aprender

La cuarta revolución industrial, la Inteligencia Artificial, la nueva normalidad … son muchos los cambios que estamos experimentando hoy en día. En este contexto, las organizaciones deben reinventar sus modelos, ayudar a reconectar personas y reinspirar para liderar. ¿Y si la solución estuviera en manos de los robots? Con Silvia Leal.

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Strategies and Tools for Driving Learner Engagement

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Strategies and Tools for Driving Learner Engagement

Many organizations are prioritizing learning to attract, retain, and grow top talent, but implementing the strategies at the right time for the right learner can be tough. Doing it with tight resources, even tougher. Andersen Corporation has experienced this. They knew it wasn’t enough to follow the standard “if you build it, they will come” mentality for learning.

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