Management von Fachkräften in der IT in Zeiten der Digitalisierung

Erfahren Sie in unserem gemeinsamen Webinar mit der CXP Group: · Wie IT und HR zusammen arbeiten · Welche Prozesse und Lösungen es für das Talent Management gibt · Wie das Management von Teams und Führungskräften in der IT aussieht · Welche Empfehlungen es an CIOs und IT-Leiter gibt

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The 5 Employment Laws Every Manager Must Know

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The 5 Employment Laws Every Manager Must Know

Employment law is complicated and can have big repercussions for your company if employees fail to adhere to it — either out of ignorance or neglect. A talent contractor for Comcast was just forced to pay $7.5 million to settle a lawsuit over unpaid overtime — a violation of employment law. While you can't expect everyone at your company to be experts in the law (that's why you should have an attorney on retainer), your managers should be trained on the basics. Otherwise, you make your company susceptible to lawsuits.

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