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The New Paperless HR

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In the wake of new HR technologies, employers are throwing binders and paper manuals in the dumpster in favor of intranets, while employees are frequently communicating with their coworkers on social media. Though technology promises to deliver productivity results, is all the money spent worth it?

There's no denying that technology is here to stay, Carol Anderson shares some ways companies can to get a return on the investment:

1. Design With the Employee in Mind

"Often intranets are published and maintained by department, and therefore organized similarly," says Anderson. Instead, intranets should be created from an employee mindset. Consider thinking about what the typical employee would need to access and create the easiest way to get there.

2. Minimize Steps to Simplify

"When a manager wants to promote an employee: is all of the information in one place, or do they need to find the job code on a sub-site and then go to the HRIS portal, log in, navigate to the right page to make the change, and then type in the data?" Minimize the steps so that employees actually use the technology!

3. Emphasize the Value

During the transition to new technologies, many managers are thrown the tools without being told why self-service is important. Often managers feel they were being passed "HR duties" instead of seeing the benefit it. "The reality is that adding technology should result in a value-add somewhere, otherwise why spend the money?" notes Anderson.

Read more at Human Capitalist.

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Pioneering the future of work with spatial learning

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