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Sneak Peek: Preview the Customer Stories You’ll Hear at Convergence

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Our first fully-virtual Cornerstone Convergence is less than a month away and our customer speakers can’t wait to share their stories with you.

Even before COVID-19 hit the U.S., the world of work was facing massive disruption, driven by the introduction of new technologies and challenges such as the growing skills gap. And when the pandemic began and workforces were driven into remote environments, there were even more obstacles to grapple with—like how to continue providing learning and development opportunities or effective performance reviews when employees were no longer coming into the office.

For many of our customers, these hurdles are all too real—and a few are ready to talk about how they’re overcoming them (and how you can, too) at Convergence 2020. Here’s a sneak peek of who’s hitting the virtual "stage" and what you can expect to hear during customer-led sessions.

Performance Review Revamp, with Susan Dudley, Horace Mann

"Are you interested in moving from the traditional annual rating process to one that is more conversational and truly focused on performance and development? I encourage you to attend my session, Goodbye Performance Ratings, Hello Ongoing Conversations. I’ll share with you how our company successfully implemented a quarterly, ratingless review process. It’s allowing us to evolve to a culture where performance conversations are a way of life, with employees leading the conversation."

Engage Learners in a Rapidly Changing World, with Sari Daisey, Bancorp

Video of Convergence 2020: Sari Daisey from Bancorp

Training Is as Easy as 2+2+2, with Tom Kramer, University of Nevada Las Vegas Partnership for Training

"I’ll be leading a session on how brain science and a systematic approach to learning builds skills. In this session, hear how two organizations have implemented an approach to upskill their workforce and how brain science can help systematically reinforce knowledge gained in training. I’ll explain how our organization is using Dr. Art Cohen’s 2+2+2 method of reinforcement to help retain learning and I’m excited to offer advice to help you do the same."

Content Is Key for Growth, with Joseph Cunningham, KAR Global

"I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on Content Anytime. I’ll be sharing KAR’s reasoning for adopting Content Anytime, successes we’ve had and how we’re using it to provide our people at KAR with the tremendous breadth and depth of content that we’ve never had access to before. I’ve been fortunate to be there in person in the past and of all the conferences I’ve been to, the best I’ve ever attended are Convergence, Convergence, Convergence and Convergence. I’ve learned a ton every time. Both Cornerstone and the fellow clients share ideas, inspiration and motivation and my best ideas for the coming year always seem to come out of this event."

Transforming Your Learning Ecosystem, with John Abrahamson, Spectrum

Video of Convergence 2020: John Abrahamson from Spectrum

These are just a few of the exciting and informative sessions you’ll hear at this year’s fully-virtual Convergence. Be sure to learn about our Bold Thinkers track as well, and snag a preview of our upcoming keynotes. Don’t forget to curate your own agenda before the event—go to to get started.

Want to share your story as well? Our RAVE Awards deadline has been extended! Cornerstone’s annual awards recognizes and honors organizations that have developed and implemented innovative approaches to using Cornerstone solutions. Share your RAVE-worthy story by Sept. 30 for a chance to be recognized!

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