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Group GMV specialises in technological innovation solutions in sectors such as space, automotive, cybersecurity and defence. Faced with the current challenges in finding talent, the company has doubled its recruitment efforts, and is now recruiting an average of 60 people a month. Crucially, through GMV’s work with Cornerstone, this process has been digitalised.

In 2005, GMV had 400 employees. Today, that number has grown to more than 2,600. Attracting, recruiting and hiring the best talent has always been a top business priority for GMV, and the organisation has always opted for highly specialised technologies to help it achieve this. However, the current digital skills shortage is leading to a war for talent. Companies that weren’t previously direct competitors of GMV are now competing for the same set of skills in candidates.

In order to tackle this, GMV has created three annual talent development programmes with more than 100 prestigious international study centres. These programmes aim to train individuals in technical knowledge and skills. One of these programmes is the 'Global Talent' programme, offered to university graduates with bachelor’s or master’s degrees. GMV offers internships that complement the graduates’ studies, enabling them to apply knowledge from their degree to real life problems. Graduates can also learn from top professionals in the Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Science and Telecommunications sectors. GMV also offers three-month internships to students in higher-level education, where several individuals receive the opportunity to join GMV full-time upon completion. Finally, GMV offer summer scholarships that encourage students to collaborate together on projects.

Internal mobility

If internal job progression is not available to employees, then employees may look elsewhere – meaning that organisations risk losing their talent. To combat this, GMV has implemented its new tool, 'Life'. Life has allowed GMV to give access and visibility to all the opportunities within the organisation through its Talent Acquisition module. Prior to the implementation of its digital platform, GMV was unable to give this amount of clarity and opportunity to its employees. Now, with life, employees are able to visualise possible internal career progression and gives them the opportunity not only to reach the next level of seniority for their current role, but also to explore moving to a different team entirely.

Identifying talent

GMV has introduced several strategies to broaden its talent search pool. Not only are jobs advertised both internally and externally, but employees are actively encouraged to share any job vacancies. For example, GMV’s referral programme rewards employees if their direct contact is hired into the company. GMV recognises the importance of having employees act as brand ambassadors, sharing insights into the company’s culture and values to help attract talent.

These initiatives are helping to broaden GMV’s talent search whilst also motivating employees internally. Cornerstone’s platform has enabled GMV to integrate and digitalise the management of its people processes.

Why Cornerstone

Before Cornerstone was implemented, GMV’s people management strategy did not facilitate the growing needs of the organisation. Processes were done manually, using a variety of different tools and systems. Instead, GMV was looking for an integrated solution that would streamline processes – all from one single, intuitive platform.

As such, in 2019, the organisation partnered with Cornerstone to leverage its AI-powered people development programme. GMV began with the introduction of the Employee module, to store all employee data in one location. The team then moved on to the Talent Acquisition module, which was rolled out in just three months. This module has given a lot of agility and visibility to candidates, managers and the People department.

The addition of the Onboarding function has enabled GMV to unify and streamline its onboarding strategy. Candidates now have a portal where they can find all the information they need about their manager and company, and where they can also input their own details. This helps avoid errors, allowing GMV to make the transition between candidate and employee much smoother. HR now continues with a progressive implementation of the other modules such as Performance, Learning, Communication and Compensation.

Improved employee experience

As GMV has implemented an advanced, cloud-based platform, employees now have access to the organisation's internal policies and procedures. This improves transparency as well as access to the training materials offered by the company. The communication module has also simplified and streamlined contact between candidates, employees and managers. Digitalising administrative processes has also been crucial. Previously, it was difficult to gather data and draw insights but, today, HR has access to invaluable information provided by Cornerstone’s Talent Management solution. This has freed up HR’s time has been freed up significantly to focus on strategic decision making, driving greater business value.

GMV’s talent journey

Cornerstone’s platform has also allowed GMV to have a more future-gazing approach to business strategy. The data and insights drawn allow the HR team to make predictions, identify skills gaps, and locate the people within the organisation who are best placed to fill them.

Previously, GMV struggled to provide learning tools that enabled employees to further develop their careers through continuous, available and accessible training, both in technical knowledge and skills.Now, GMV is building new leadership modules. These modules will look to focus on training middle management in leadership and hybrid team management. GMV is also creating initiatives to strengthen the sense of community within the organisation and inspire a shared vision of success.

With this human-centric approach towards talent and skills development, GMV is now far better positioned to build employee loyalty and trust.

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