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Supercharge skill development through performance planning

Learn how to foster your people’s growth with continuous conversations and upskilling.

In many organisations, performance management has evolved from a once a year box ticking exercise to a year-round process designed to develop and upskill your people to excel in their jobs. Organisations who have moved to this model are starting to reap the rewards in terms of internal mobility, staff retention, L&D investment and so much more.

To get the link between skills and performance right you need to understand the skills (and skill gaps) across your workforce. Continuous performance management conversations are the most effective way to enable upskilling, new skilling and reskilling initiatives between managers and employees. We know that many organisations are still in the early stages of planning their skills strategy, but integrating performance management is the critical lever talent leaders should pull to ensure success. Let us help you get started with this on-demand webinar in association with the LPI.

Watch the session where we share some easy ways your organisation can start collecting and understanding skills data through your existing performance process. In the webinar, we:

  • Discussed why tying your skills strategy to your performance process is important
  • Explored ways you can collect skills data through common touchpoints like check-ins and reviews
  • Provided some ideas for what to do with the skills data once you have it
  • Shared our recent eBook which dives deep into the link between skills and performance.

    Watch the webinar on-demand now!

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