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The state of talent management in sub-1000 employee organisations (SMBs)

Listen in to the UK SMB team as they talk about their experiences working with organisations with under 1000 employees every day. Throughout 2023 Luke, Becky and Ben worked with, advised and supported organisations just like yours to transform their talent management programmes.

Why not take 30mins out to watch this HR Grapevine webinar focussed on the team's experiences and learnings as well as their top tips for successfully getting your project started.

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8 Key triggers for digital transformation in talent management

Blog Post

8 Key triggers for digital transformation in talent management

Talent management transformation is an exciting and strategic overhaul of traditional HR practices to meet organizations' ever-changing needs better. This transformation is about creating a dynamic, data-driven, forward-thinking talent ecosystem. In today's fast-paced business environment, it's clear that we need more than outdated talent practices. We need modern strategies to actively attract, develop and retain talent to fuel innovation and drive growth.

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