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Transforming the Employee Experience of a Leading Technology Company

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The client is one of the largest technology sector companies in the Middle East having the vision of leading the digital transformation to empower societies. They are moving the needle in driving the learning strategy for its employees. They are transforming the game using the best in class learning technologies. They are on a mission to deploy ‘Intelligent Learning Solutions’ to address today’s skill gaps and tomorrow’s opportunities with a firm belief that:

“A sustainable competitive advantage is their organisational ability to learn”


As one brand and one team, the client shares a common vision to empower societies through digital transformation. Their four guiding principles are spread across all their learning teams in order to deliver on the vision:

Empowering internal “Future Leaders”

Client committed that future leadership must be developed within the company. They support development of all employees across all levels in the organisation.

On-Demand Social Learning Platforms

The Client has invested in the best On-Demand social learning platforms where the user interface looks similar to a “Learner’s” favourite social media apps thus facilitating anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Specialist Learning Academies

In the client's learning ecosystem, the endeavour is to support team members to enable them to become experts in their field by expanding and enhancing functional specialist academies.

Enhance Collaboration to spur innovation

They are a global leader in bringing people together. Therefore, it is imperative that internal collaboration is elevated to spur better innovation and actions around their learning culture.


The “Learning Experience” for the client has been redesigned to be a Journey that’s “Learner Centric”. The Learning Journey spans the entire employee lifecycle within the organisation.

    The Learning Journey in the client's employee lifecycle begins with onboarding. The induction and onboarding processes have been restructured to deliver an all new digitised experience. Client has codified and personalised the journey for each new joinee.
    The Learning Journey continues as the employee embarks on specialised career pathways offered by the client’s Functional Academies. As the employee takes on Managerial and Leadership roles, the client focuses on nurturing talent.
    Subject Matter Experts of the client are provided a platform to exchange tacit knowledge and drive conversations; in order to improve collaboration and innovation at the workplace. Client has embraced digital solutions to develop networks for linking people so that tacit and tribal knowledge can be shared.
    Client’s multigenerational workforce has wider access and availability to content for whom learning is at the point of need - “Learning in the flow of Work”. Client has reduced the distance and compressed the time between business need and learning to zero.
    To bring the best of both worlds (internal content and external sources), EdCast’s LXP provided integration with 3rd party platforms like LinkedIn Learning, GetAbstract & Josh Bersin Academy. It helped the employees in accessing the required external content and courses while being within the platform.


The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) powered by EdCast is enabling the client to set the foundation for a knowledge network and exchange in the organisation thereby promoting peer to peer learning & true collaboration. The L&D team of the client has transitioned from only being a provider of programs to an L&D team which is embracing technology, predicting future learner needs and measuring learning impact.

Some of the key outcomes of EdCast’s LXP for the client includes:

  • 13.5K+ Users rolled out on Platform
  • 33% Monthly Active Users
  • 85% Adoption Rate for the platform
  • 70% Increase in training days

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