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Unlocking the Brain's Potential: New Frontiers in Learning, Habit Formation, and Employee Experience

Join us for an engaging 1-hour webinar where current research in neuroscience merges with the world of learning. Led by Dr. Teresa Evans, a neuroscientist and consultant with TiER1 Performance, this concise session will delve into exciting new topics such as habit formation and the neuroscience behind employee experiences. Discover how the latest research findings can revolutionize learning strategies and enhance workplace productivity.

You will learn about:

  • Neuroscience-backed strategies for improving employee engagement
  • Applying habit formation to learning strategies
  • The role of the brain in shaping employee experiences
  • The neuroscientific basis of learning

About the speakers:

Dr. Teresa Evans

Government Market Director, TiER 1 Performance

Dr. Teresa Evans, a distinguished neuroscientist, leader, and consultant, has made significant contributions to bioscience and healthcare innovation. Honored as part of the San Antonio 40 under 40 class of 2018, she has lead projects and companies that specialize in biomedical commercialization, government and military relevant projects, economic development, and STEM education. Dr. Evans understands the profound role of habit formation in personal success and its impact on the workplace. She applies strategic habits not only to advance her career but also to excel as a mom that works, effectively balancing her responsibilities both at home and in her professional life.

Currently serving as the Government Market Director for TiER1 Performance, Dr. Evans orchestrates projects, facilitates strategic discussions, and fosters a supportive work environment. Her leadership extends to roles such as Chief Operation Officer of a Clinical Research Organization, where she advanced cancer immunotherapy and military trauma care innovations through the management of clinical trials. With a PhD in Neuroscience, a wealth of peer-reviewed publications, and grant funding from institutions like the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Evans is a recognized authority in her field. Her advocacy for mental health in the workplace, innovation, commercialization expertise, and ability to connect across disciplines make her a valuable presenter for our upcoming webinar on learning, habit formation, and employee experience.

Mike Siano

Principal, Thought Leadership & Advisory Services, Cornerstone

Mike has spent much of his career as a practitioner of talent management, with a background of nearly two decades in learning and development.

He brings experience from for-profit education, entertainment, healthcare, and manufacturing. During his tenure, he has led Talent Development programs for companies, small and large, and been engrained in the technology to support organizations' talent efforts. His industry reaches expanded to traditional education, finance, government, logistics, supply chain, and SaaS/technology.

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