Unlocking the limitless potential of people in local government

This Cornerstone eBook reveals how investment in employee skills development can help local government become learning organisations. And that learning can prompt curiosity, which in turn leads to creativity, and ultimately discovery, disruption, and innovation.

The report also highlights key opportunities for skills to deliver a future-ready, agile workforce:

  • Unlock potential by re-imagining the skills strategy.
  • Reinvent the employee value proposition.
  • Transform the culture and lock-in disruptive new talent.
  • Celebrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) to cultivate a stronger sense of belonging.
  • Target wellbeing to support resilience through challenging times.

Download below to find out more.

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Kobe City: Diverse content for employee voluntary learning

To improve the environment for human resource development, Kobe City implemented a learning management system (LMS) and developed a training platform using Cornerstone Learning for its employees.

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