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Wakefield Canada: Achieving 100% compliance with goal and review deadlines and decreasing time spent managing the review process by 50%

Wakefield Canada is the exclusive distributor of Castrol premium lubricants and SuperClean® Cleaner-Degreaser to Retailers, Automotive & Commercial Heavy Duty customers, with dedicated customer service and technical support, as well as industry-leading marketing programs.

Wakefield Canada has always viewed performance management as a crucial driver in both employee engagement and goal alignment; however, the company’s review process was far from ideal for Siobhain Sturno, HR Manager at Wakefield Canada. “We were using a paper-based system for reviews—and we were using even more paper to track the entire process. We engage in performance management three times a year, so it was three documents per person per year. HR chased managers, who, in turn, chased employees—we were lucky to have goals even established by the middle of the year. And because we’re located across different locations, there was a lot of mailing back and forth.”

This review process was also not having the most positive effect on engagement. “We heard from many that the process was a bit of a headache and viewed as a ‘checkbox’ exercise. We knew that there was room for improvement in what we see as a key people process in our business. We wanted to drive better discussions around performance and achievements, and better engagement.”

Why PiiQ by Cornerstone

Wakefield knew it was time to adopt a more modern, employee-centric performance management solution, and began the process of review and research on different vendors and options. “After creating a short-list of potential options, we realized that none of them were a really great fit for our business,” said Siobhain Sturno, HR Manager at Wakefield Canada. “We started over, conducted more research, read reviews, completed some software trials, and compared different systems online. After careful consideration, PiiQ by Cornerstone was my top pick.”

The team valued PiiQ’s ease of use and competitive pricing, while Sturno was sold on the platform’s customization options. “We wanted to mimic our paper-based system to simplify the change and transition for our staff. PiiQ made it simple to work with our existing process.”

After choosing PiiQ, the team was amazed at how easy it was to implement. “As an administrator, I’m computer literate, but I’m not a programmer. I was able to do the PiiQ implementation myself,” said Sturno. “And Cornerstone’s customer service is the best I’ve ever dealt with, ever. It’s great to have a powerful tool, but not if you don’t have great customer service to go with it. I can’t say enough good things about Cornerstone.”

The Results

Increased engagement. Prior to PiiQ, employees had “lost sight” of the value of the performance management process, which, in turn, negatively impacted engagement. “Since using PiiQ, we’ve definitely seen increased engagement in this area. I know PiiQ is only a tool, but it’s a key management tool for us that has improved our overall performance program,” said Sturno. “With PiiQ, people are recognizing how their individual goals and results align with the organization’s priorities and achievements. Plus, the quality of goal setting has improved which positively impacts our collective focus and business results.

Reduced time spent managing the review process by 50%. The company’s previous paper-based performance management process required tremendous time and effort. “With paper, having to deal with reformatting was a constant headache,” said Sturno. “With PiiQ, we’ve cut the time we spend on reviews and self-assessments in half.”

Achieved 100% compliance with goal and review deadlines. Previously, the company struggled to ensure performance reviews were completed in a timely manner. “Since implementing PiiQ, we’ve met every deadline of our annual Performance Management cycle, said Sturno. “It’s amazing. PiiQ is so easy to use and seen across the business as a useful tool by both managers and employees.

Aligned individual goals and company goals. Sturno and her team view performance management as a key tool and enabler for driving business results. “PiiQ plays a large role in ensuring the success of our performance management programs. Performance management drives engagement, and we firmly believe drives the alignment of individual goals with the overall goals of the organization. When goals are clear and aligned, not only does this help drive business results, but people can see how they’re contributing to Wakefield’s success and that they provide value.”

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