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Reducing manual work and increasing accessibility to compliance training for 5,000 employees

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Dedicated to the mission of improving the quality of human life, The YMCA of San Diego County supports the community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. The nonprofit is San Diego’s seventh largest employer and the second largest YMCA in the United States.

The YMCA of San Diego County has 5,000 employees working in hundreds of different roles. Most of these positions—from lifeguards to Zumba teachers to first aid instructors—require frequent and ongoing safety certification training. Yet the nonprofit’s paper-based system made it difficult and time consuming to schedule, track and report on learning.

“Everything was manually driven, paper-based and kept in files,” said Dustin Lacasse, director of learning at the YMCA of San Diego County. “It wasn’t easy to understand what learners had completed without going through manual files. We didn’t have a good process in place to enable us to manage learning.” The manual system also made it difficult to keep course information up to date. “Each time a class moved to a new location, we had to release manual updates. We didn’t have an efficient way to ensure key information was reaching people in a timely manner.”

Why Cornerstone

After an extensive process reviewing available learning management systems, YMCA leadership selected Cornerstone Learning. “The team looked at quite a few applications, because there are a lot of vendors out there. But we didn’t want to base our selection on hope, as in ‘We don’t know much about this or that system, so let’s just hope it works,’” said Lacasse. “We wanted a known quantity, a solution with a reputation. A lot of people at the Y had used Cornerstone in previous roles at other organizations. I had also used Cornerstone, so it made sense to move forward.”

To drive user adoption, Lacasse and his team deployed a sustained communication campaign, which included sending brochures and postcards to build excitement for the new solution. The team also branded Cornerstone Learning to better reflect the YMCA’s image and values. “We branded it as Y University to make it even more user friendly and create name recognition,” said Lacasse. “We generated a lot more user buy-in as a result.”

The Results

Reduced manual work. Prior to implementing Cornerstone, the YMCA relied on a time-consuming, paper-based, manual system to track and report on certifications. “At the Y, you have to be certified in the classes you teach. There are so many different types of licensures required to be successful,” said Lacasse. “With Cornerstone, it’s much easier to track and manage these certifications. It’s been huge for us and very successful.”

Increased accessibility to training. With Cornerstone, more than 5,000 employees can easily access compliance training from anywhere. While the organization doesn’t allow employees to use mobile phones on the job due to safety concerns, staff can now take certain trainings on their own schedules, using home computers or personal laptops.

Improved visibility. The YMCA’s existing paper-based system provided little to no global visibility into training completions and results. With Cornerstone, the nonprofit now has access to real-time results, as well ongoing analytics key to managing compliance and certifications. Cornerstone is working with the YMCA to streamline data importing from outside systems, such as Eventbrite. “We’re still in the process of reducing the manual work of integrating data outside courses, but tracking is so much easier,” said Lacasse. “And Cornerstone is great if you’re into analytics.”

Paved the way for succession planning conversations. Increased access to training and certification data will make it easier for the YMCA to begin addressing succession planning. “Our employees want to understand their options and potential career paths,” said Lacasse. “We’re working on ensuring each branch has a computer to use for training, and we’re budgeting for increased succession planning efforts.”

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Teach for America: Reaching 11,000 corps members with key training

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Teach for America: Reaching 11,000 corps members with key training

Why Cornerstone In 2008, TFA began the search for a learning management system that would allow the organization to reduce labor-intensive, in-person training, yet still deliver high quality learning opportunities. Cornerstone OnDemand as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution was a key factor in the selection process; SaaS would ensure development opportunities could be accessed anytime, anywhere. TFA applied to be a strategic partner with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation and received the software and services at no cost for two years. In 2010, TFA continued with Cornerstone at a reduced cost. "we greatly appreciate the generosity of the Cornerstone Foundation. It allows us to create more opportunities for learning and development, as well as better serve our growing number of teachers and staff," said Kris Gamache, managing director, learning systems, Teach for America. In addition to using Cornerstone Learning for providing supplemental online training to enhance classroom performance, TFA has expanded usage to include delivering training before new corps members are deployed. "Engaging new teachers with training seven months ahead of deployment has been very gratifying. It's made a difference for many regions." The Results Met requirements for compliance. As a national nonprofit, TFA must continually ensure they are exemplary stewards of public and private funds. "We are accountable to our funders and to our communities," said Gamache. "Cornerstone makes it easier for us to meet and report some of our governmental and legal requirements." Saved time and improve efficiency. Since training can be accessed on-demand, and both travel and in-person training hours have been reduced, corps members and staff have more flexibility in their focus on TFA's mission: helping to eliminate educational inequity. "We're always looking at what will have the biggest impact on the classroom and how we can make more of a difference. With Cornerstone, we are able to offer a suite of training and development for skill and knowledge building across a breadth of professional streams of work including staff as well as our teachers. The online format enables people to engage in the learning process on an individualized schedule, at their own pace, and doesn't require travel or convening. Our teachers and staff can configure their learning and development to take more effective and more meaningful actions in their work." Reached new corps members across the nation with key training. Cornerstone partners with TFA to deliver supplemental content to more than 5,000 corps members each year. In addition to the continuous coaching and support that new teachers receive from the organization, Cornerstone provides ongoing development opportunities. "We have to reach a lot of people every year with critical training and information, including new and existing corps members and alumni," said Gamache. "Cornerstone helps us save time and deliver a higher quality experience around learning. As Cornerstone scales with us, we're able to create a bigger impact by reaching more people."

3 Key Attributes of Holistic People Experience Design

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3 Key Attributes of Holistic People Experience Design

Your employees crave a work experience that’s uniquely personal, and where growth and development is rapid and continuous. At the same time, your organization needs to be ready to retrain and redeploy talent to remain competitive in rapidly shifting market conditions. The stakes are high. And yet historically, work design has centered on efficiency. The result is rigid structures and workflows that don’t meet employees’ needs or flex with fast-changing conditions. The good news is that effective practices around people experience design can drive significant impact for business, people, and innovation in an organization. In this webinar, Betsy Summers, Principal Analyst, Future of Work with Forrester Research, and Mike Bollinger, VP, Strategic Initiatives with Cornerstone, share how taking a more human and holistic approach to people experience design connects people with growth opportunities, and business goals with purpose. To help everyone achieve extraordinary outcomes — together.

One Housing One hundred percent completion drives performance and productivity

Customer Story

One Housing One hundred percent completion drives performance and productivity

One Housing is a not-for-profit organization focused on helping people to live better by making a real positive difference to their lives. It provides housing, care, training and support services, which is all made possible through funding gained from buying and selling properties on the open market and other commercial projects. One Housing currently manages around 16,000 homes across London boroughs and the South East and cares for over 11,500 people. Since 2011, it has been responsible for building 1,500 new affordable homes and by 2019 it aims to have built 3,600 more. Its employees and their individual success are paramount to continuing to provide this high level of support and care and to helping achieve these goals. One Housing’s appraisal process involves many different aspects including a performance review, objective setting and personal development plan creation. This made achieving high completion and adoption rates very time consuming and required a huge amount of effort from HR, managers and employees. The Results Achieved full completion rate. One Housing reached its goal outlined by the Board, with the “2016 end of year appraisal” task attaining a 100% completion rate. Digitalized and improved appraisal process training. One Housing can focus on helping all employees at their point of need, with the right set of resources now being easily and readily available to everyone on one digital learning platform. The Cornerstone LMS includes tip sheets, videos, e-learning and guidance sheets covering every aspect of the appraisal process, from using the system, the appraisal meeting itself, how to make the most of that conversation, how to handle difficult conversations, setting objectives to establishing a personal development plan. Empowered employees to take charge. One Housing has empowered employees to take a more active role in their career development with clear, measurable goals, defined career paths and targeted development plans. Instead of being fully reliant on HR, other employees can now be responsible for supporting their colleagues and team members, and One Housing has been able to appoint people as ‘advocates’ to specifically take on this task. The Cornerstone LMS has also enabled managers to monitor teams’ completion rates in real time with access to a dashboard offering valuable data and insights to help ensure high-performers are recognized and rewarded – improving engagement and retention. Created a culture of continuous learning. Reinventing learning and development has helped create a culture of continuous learning at One Housing, with employees now finding answers and solutions to problems themselves, using the resources on offer or turning to their peers to figure things out. This all aids developing an engaged, collaborative and skilled workforce. Increased productivity and less lost admin time. Through utilizing the Cornerstone system, One Housing has been able to make the appraisal process much more efficient and greatly cut down on the time needing to be invested by HR – allowing them to focus on other more strategic business tasks. As managers have access to a dashboard, HR no longer needs to run reports and further hours of time have been saved by being able to avoid other unnecessary administration and training. People have been pushed to the forefront of HR’s focus instead.

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