Remaking Work for a New World: 2024 HR Predictions

How well is your organisation managing today’s rapid, unabated rate of change? According to employees, 41% don’t believe they have what they need to develop their skills, while 59% are on the lookout for more career guidance. So, it has never been more important for HR leaders to stay current with the latest trends and understand what they mean for their people and organisation. Yet, more than 60% of organisations aren’t leveraging AI technology to optimise their talent programs.

To help strengthen your organisation’s talent management program, Cornerstone has gathered the latest intelligence on HR trends for 2024 and beyond. Read our new eBook, Remaking Work for a New World: 2024 HR Predictions, to learn:

  • How leaders are using AI to map existing skills to content and improve instructional design
  • How maturing practices in hybrid work will drive better collaboration
  • Why companies are transforming the business into a skills marketplace for stronger workforce planning
  • Why organisations are moving away from annual performance reviews
  • How your organisation can use predictive analytics to anticipate future business needs

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