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A history of excellence in hearing aids

Founded in Italy in 1950, Amplifon is a leading multinational company in the hearing care retail market. Thanks to continuous research in the field of auditory prosthesis and in-depth studies in audiology, otolaryngology and phoniatrics, Amplifon supports its customers in their selection of the best hearing aids available. The company takes care of the entire process, from distribution through fitting to after-sales service, with customer relationship care being the Amplifon Group’s true added value.

The Group features an Italian network of over 600 centres and more than 3,000 service points. On a global level, Amplifon operates 9,200 outlets in 25 countries and employs about 18,600 employees and contractors.

Investing in people

Amplifon’s objectives include offering an innovative experience to its customers, stimulating growth in key markets around the world, and developing an increasingly efficient company where people’s talent makes the difference.

To fulfil the last point of its mission and lay the foundations on which the company’s future will rest, Amplifon has defined a five-year (2020-2025) training and development strategy. The integrated L&D plan outlined by the Group rests on four pillars:

  1. Amplifon awareness, to create awareness with respect to corporate strategy on what is happening in all the different organisational units, and how everyone contributes to the success of the Group. This will ensure that each individual has all the elements at his or her disposal to make decisions, and to make a difference every day.
  2. Digital empowerment, for an ever-deepening digitalisation of work environments, so that people become the focus once more. For Amplifon, technology helps automate repetitive tasks and gives people the tools they need to make the best use of their own intuition, ingenuity and thought processing.
  3. Amplifon connect, which includes mentorship, coaching and change management programs, with the aim of breaking down silos and creating connections and contacts across all different Group levels.
  4. Amplifon lead, with dedicated leadership and management courses aimed at preparing “People Managers” and “People Leaders” to play the key supporting role in enabling people to grow and become an example for the Group.

Based on these four pillars, Amplifon set up a training course that offers:

  • The same training opportunities to all employees, regardless of location or specific task – because Amplifon believes that knowledge should be limitless
  • Access to training anywhere, at any time, and from any device – thus guaranteeing complete freedom according to each individual’s different needs
  • The opportunity to develop technical and transferable skills such as creativity, imagination,gination, project management skills, ethics
  • Engaging and stimulating content, thanks to gamification logic
  • Prioritisation of training content, using algorithms that take into account people’s needs, preferences, and interests

Tailored training for a future-ready workforce

The pandemic has forced companies like Amplifon to redefine their priorities, opening their eyes once again to the importance of training and development. More specifically, the major changes experienced by the labour market over the last two years have prompted the company to invest today in the development of what will be the key skills of tomorrow.

Amplifon has thus decided to offer its employees highly personalised courses with a strong focus on talent and skills. In order to do this, the company favours a “complete experience” approach, relying on a single common platform which can be accessed by the entire global workforce.This platform not only integrates harmoniously into the employees’ working life, but is also able to stimulate them through customised training content that will enhance their autonomy.

In May 2021, Amplifon thus implemented Cornerstone 's learning platform. Cornerstone is a provider of adaptive human resources management solutions, and their training content has been made available at the same time to all Amplifon employees globally. Since then, thanks to its high level of customisation and ease of use, the platform has been used to strengthen the four pillars of the Group’s L&D strategy and, in particular, to develop functional and cross-functional skills. With regard to the former, Amplifon can finally provide tailor-made content, calibrated not only to current skills but also to skills that will be acquired over the coming years in order to remain competitive and further develop its employees' careers. With respect to cross-functional skills – given the speed of change to which every type of job is now subject – Amplifon has chosen to provide specific paths that delve into the themes of data analytics, change management and project management. The aim is to embrace learning in the flow of work and make it a reality.

Training as a tool to overcome inequalities

The biggest achievement to date is the substantial increase in the number of hours dedicated to training by employees; to date, on average, each employee has totalled 24 hours of training per year.

Thanks to a mix of strategy and technology, important progress has been made in making training and development available anytime and anywhere, and fostering collaborative learning and employee engagement. Amplifon believes that training fosters equal opportunities for all, regardless of personal background, gender, age or place of origin. Knowledge cannot survive without sharing.

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Transforming performance reviews in the face of massive disruption

Customer Story

Transforming performance reviews in the face of massive disruption

Esquel Group implemented a continuous feedback system through check-ins, simplified performance reviews and ratings, and centralised learning for employees with Cornerstone OnDemand Esquel Group is a global textile and apparel manufacturer headquartered in Hong Kong. Founded in 1978, the business has continued to expand with leading textile innovation and producing garments for many of the world's top fashion brands. With around 35,000 employees globally, Esquel has manufacturing facilities located in China, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, and merchandising offices servicing markets worldwide. Responding to a rapidly changing world With its company heritage as a supplier to the retail clothing manufacturing industry for over 40 years, Esquel wanted to transform its operating model to address rapidly changing market conditions in the geopolitical and business environments. They wanted to break with traditional practices and focus on placing the employee at the center of their organisation, examining performance management processes which needed to more accurately align with their strategic goals.. "As digital transformation modernises the retail industry, we needed to deploy new systems to manage core HR processes and talent management," said Chapman Liu, HR Project Manager, Esquel Group. Similar to many organisations, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 had a significant impact on Esquel. With stores closed and production halted around the world in the early days of the pandemic, the company was forced to pivot operations quickly to address global demand for products such as face masks. Why Cornerstone? The effects of the pandemic also led Esquel to change its performance review process, as the roles and professional goals of thousands of employees changed virtually overnight. The company suddenly needed managers to have ongoing visibility into employee productivity, development and morale as well as ensure that employees understood workflow changes and their role in achieving company objectives. "We needed to share real-time insights about employee performance and skills gaps across the organisation to help the business become more agile at a critical time," said Liu. Esquel turned to the Cornerstone talent management solutions it implemented in 2017 and leveraged the Cornerstone Performance check-in feature to accelerate their transition to a continuous feedback model in only three months. The company also utilised Cornerstone Learning to centralise learning resources and make it easier to create development programs tailored to individuals or organisational skill gaps. As HR Project Manager Chapman Liu points out, "We were able to successfully transition from making shirts to making a difference with the commitment of our employees. Cornerstone's solutions allowed the HR department to support the massive changes that Esquel faced in 2020 and move forward with a structure that will help us provide valuable insights to improve how the business operates." The Results Annual review structure replaced by continuous check-ins. Cornerstone Performance enabled the company to stay connected with over 6,800 employees throughout the year, providing consistent feedback rather than just a yearly assessment. Since adopting this process, Esquel has reduced the timeframe of reviews to just three months and optimised its ratings system. By establishing regular, recorded check-ins, department leaders set clearer work goals and connected more frequently with employees when it was needed most. Cornerstone Performance empowered department heads to schedule informal catch-up sessions with subordinates, review work progress, and develop action plans. Check-ins that were saved in the system could then be used for more formal annual performance reviews. Clearer view of employee performance. Regular check-ins enabled department leaders to measure progress and provide guidance to help employees reach their goals. The company also gained a more comprehensive view of common employee development needs and skill gaps. Professional development planning simplified. Department leaders can adapt training plans to business needs, employee skills and any new processes deployed in the future. Performance management and development resources accessible on a central platform. Esquel's HR department can use Cornerstone's platform solution to monitor employee usage and unlock insights about performance to improve overall business operations. With Cornerstone Learning, Esquel can also create new review templates for all department leaders to use and provide training from a unified platform, which is crucial in the current environment.

Citadele: Investing in a culture of learning and individual performance management

Customer Story

Citadele: Investing in a culture of learning and individual performance management

Citadele Group is an innovative, full-service financial group for both private individuals and companies. The Group offers a complete portfolio of banking, financial and private capital management services in the Baltic states. Citadele’s mission is to provide more opportunities to its clients by redefining modern banking – it aims to change the meaning of current financial business with innovations and an outstanding client experience beyond the formal frame. With the goal of becoming the Baltic banking champion, Citadele offers multiple career paths and a variety of professional development opportunities for all its employees. Our new path towards ambitious and modern goals also demands a change within our employees’ learning and performance tracking model. Improved tools and solutions are needed to streamline Citadele’s employee progression processes across 37 offices. Why Cornerstone? Recognising that employees are its most valuable asset, Citadele made sure that employees are the top priority in the process of change. Bearing this in mind, Citadele had three key requirements during the search for its talent management solution: the system needed to be easy-to-use; it needed to have the option to involve employees in individual goal-setting; and it needed to track feedback on an ongoing basis and provide tracking for necessary compliance training. The system also needed to feature engaging and motivating content to help Citadele boost talent retention rates. After considering 20 other vendors, Citadele chose Cornerstone OnDemand as it ticked all the required boxes in terms of being both an established SaaS platform and a well-developed system that adhered to all of Citadele’s needs. After considering 20 other vendors, Citadele chose Cornerstone OnDemand as it ticked all the required boxes in terms of being both an established SaaS platform and a well-developed system that adhered to all of Citadele’s needs. The Results Increased productivity. Since implementing Cornerstone Performance, Citadele has seen an improvement in its employees’ performance. The simplified goal-setting, monitoring and continuous feedback system means that employees feel more confident and more motivated at work. That in turn has led to increased productivity levels. According to Citadele’s recent feedback survey, more than 95% of employees expressed satisfaction with the system. Streamlined performance processes. Before Cornerstone, all records regarding employees’ career, training, obligatory certifications and performance appraisals had to be integrated manually. With Cornerstone Performance, managers now receive detailed analytics at the click of a button, meaning that employee goals, training activities and tracking have become optimised and tailored to employees’ needs. Enhanced employer reputation. Citadele strives for the status of best employer in the Baltic region. Partnering with Cornerstone has helped Citadele to attract and retain even more talent in the industry Full compliance visibility. Compliance training was one of the key requirements for Citadele. Since implementing the Cornerstone e-learning module, the company is now confident that all its employees have the necessary training to meet the industry’s compliance requirements. Citadele is also able to successfully track completions in order to meet deadlines. Motivation and passion for learning. Implementing Cornerstone Performance has helped Citadele to significantly raise the ambition and motivation of its employees. Necessary changes in individual performance management have pushed Citadele forward regarding its learning culture. Since then, the company has selected Cornerstone’s e-learning as its next module, in addition to the already launched Cornerstone’s Performance Appraisal System. This will allow each employee to choose their most convenient way to learn, integrating learning into their everyday work.

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