Cornerstone and Beta Program Clients are Redefining Workplace Conversations

September 30, 2019

Cornerstone and Beta Program Clients are Redefining Workplace Conversations

A fresh approach to performance management rethinks how feedback and coaching is provided in the context of work
SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Oct. 1, 2019Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSOD), a global leader in the cloud-based learning, talent management and emerging talent experience market, announced today that Cornerstone Conversations will soon be generally available following a successful early-adopter program with highly active global client engagement.

First announced at the company’s annual industry conference, Cornerstone Convergence 2019, Cornerstone Conversations is a new module within the Cornerstone Performance Suite that helps organizations develop managers into effective coaches and offers employees the ongoing feedback and transparency they crave. Cornerstone Conversations enables more frequent, productive two-way dialogue in the workplace, and according to Brandon Hall, organizations that focus on this are far more likely to see increases in employee engagement, retention and quality of hires.

Using Cornerstone Conversations, managers, employees, project team leaders and even mentors can engage in ongoing conversations to provide coaching and timely course correction in the context of work, facilitate just-in-time feedback, and gain alignment on goals and career direction. Because Cornerstone Conversations is integrated with Cornerstone’s other talent management products, it functions as a hub that unites real-time conversations with employee performance improvements by allowing users to bridge discussions to their functional goals, personalized development plans, learning content and annual performance reviews. This helps employees continuously develop their skills and helps team leaders coach more effectively.

Several companies have already started using the feature as part of the Cornerstone Conversations Beta Testing Program, which kicked off in early summer 2019. Initial comments on the product include:

  • “As Sodexo moves to a continuous performance development cycle, Cornerstone Conversations is helping us to realize our vision by giving us intuitive, employee-focused functionality that we’ve never had before. We are excited about the potential it brings to our workforce, and we look forward to having Cornerstone Conversations at the center of our employee development experience.” - Luke Das-Gupta, Employee Experience Systems Director, Sodexo.

  • “This product has enabled our leaders to easily create custom, ongoing conversations with their team members online and document their notes and feedback in the moment. By tracking these conversations in one place, we can quickly capture employee performance and development in a single system.” - Kristen Withers, Training Administrator, Kitchell Corporation

  • As a global technology organization in a fast-moving industry, GBG prides itself on being quick and agile to meet the needs of our growing team members across the globe. Since implementing Cornerstone Conversations, we have been able to efficiently capture real-time feedback and dialogue between team members, allowing us to have a better pulse on performance.” - Matthew Carroll, Head of Talent Development, GBG

  • “We are designing Cornerstone Conversations to drive regular online conversations between our team members across our dispersed global organization. Having a single place to track feedback and performance has helped us open better lines of communication and will play a significant role in our annual review process; Cornerstone Conversations will just do it better.” - Alan Shorrick, Interim HR System Implementation Lead, Cognita

Cornerstone Conversations will be generally available starting late October.

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