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Performance Management Software

Foster a culture of continuous development

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Motivate Employees and Inspire Productivity

Move beyond painful performance management processes and rethink the way you inspire great work, motivate employees, and deliver results. With Cornerstone Performance, organizations finally have the performance management technology that enables managers to benchmark employee performance and align employee activities with organizational strategy while still providing continuous, meaningful feedback.

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Performance Reviews & Goals

Foster a more agile, aligned, and productive workforce and gain insight into employee performance. Empower employees to set meaningful goals aligned to business goals and easily track progress and achievement of those goals.

Competencies & Skills Matrix

Maximize the potential of your organization by providing managers the tools to identify and close skill gaps, match the right talent to roles, and align talent to the business.

Continuous Feedback

Nurture a culture of continuous development and coaching by driving more structured conversations between employees and managers about goals and peformance. Easily provide timely feedback— allowing you to coach in the right areas.

Observation Checklist

Easily observe, record, and assess skills in the field in real-time to determine employee competency. Automate both recording and reporting—saving time, reducing workload, and eliminating paper-based evaluation methods.

  • Performance Reviews & Goals
  • Competencies & Skills Matrix
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Observation Checklist

Benefits of Cornerstone Performance

Continuously ensure goal alignment, develop competencies, and provide meaningful feedback.

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Foster Continuous Development

Easily facilitate ongoing coaching and feedback throughout the organization to drive a culture of continuous development. Provide regular and timely feedback the modern workforce craves—allowing you to quickly identify and respond to potential problems, nurture development, and productively achieve goals.

Drive Business Alignment

Provide the goal-setting tools your employees need to ensure they have clear, measurable, and meaningful goals that align to the overall business strategy. Easily track goal progress and identify when goals are off track or need to be adapted to changing business initiatives.

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Accurately Track Skills & Competencies

From one intuitive application, easily identify employee competencies and skill gaps within your organization using 180- and 360-degree feedback. Cornerstone Performance provides the most comprehensive employee data in view for managers and their employees.

Increase Employee Engagement

Continuous career development is fundamental to engaging employees today. Create development plans to cultivate talent and develop skills—helping employees prepare to achieve future business goals. Inspire and motivate employees by providing transparency into how they contribute to the overall business goals, ultimately driving engagement.

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