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Real-life success stories from EdCast by Cornerstone customers

The EdCast by Cornerstone has, indeed, been a transformational product, encouraging higher adoption of learning through a great user experience. These capabilities are precisely 
what enable learning to 
create an impact for the business at the individual 
and organizational level.”

Schneider Electric

Etisalat’s partnership with EdCast has been about more than the delivery of world-class learning technology. The team behind the scenes are passionate pioneers of the industry and want to bring about real change for our company. Everyone is talking about “digital transformation” while EdCast is delivering it. The blueprint for successful organizational learning has evolved, and thanks to EdCast, so has our learning strategy for our multicultural and multigenerational workforce.


Subject matter experts are creating, aggregating, compiling, and distributing content at capacities and speed never before possible. With the LXP, we’ve been able to seamlessly unify and scale our learning infrastructure in lockstep with business needs, giving us both a competitive advantage and significant reduction in complexity.”


EdCast by Cornerstone has been the catalyst to enable the digital transformation and acceleration of personalized learning at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It has brought the power of search, content curation, access to subject matter experts, and social learning to life for our people around the world with recognized relevance and impact.”

Hewlett Packard

Data insights and analytics across the LXP drive near-daily decisions within our HR organization. The data points are that valuable to our collective efforts”

Charles Schwab

Powering the future-ready workforce

The only end-to-end, skills-forward, and AI-powered system built for the new way we all work.

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Cornerstone is more than a product, we're your partner.

For more than two decades, we've been at the forefront of talent and people innovation, helping our customers stay ahead of the curve. Our team of experts deeply understands your unique talent challenges and opportunities with an unwavering focus on our customers' success. Together, we will work hand-in-hand with you to deliver extraordinary experiences and the results that matter to your organization.

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