Cornerstone Launches Talent Experience Platform: New Blueprint for Workforce Transformation

October 19, 2022

Cornerstone’s new platform unites its portfolio of growth-centric learning and talent solutions with innovative people experiences, AI technology and an open architecture to unlock limitless workforce potential

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Oct. 19, 2022 – Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., a leader in talent experience solutions, today announced the release of its new Talent Experience Platform (TXP) designed to help talent leaders unlock the limitless potential of their workforce and streamline the way they do it.

The Cornerstone TXP unites the company’s expanded portfolio of growth-centric learning and talent solutions with human-centered experiences, deep talent intelligence, and an open and agile architecture. Talent leaders can use solutions across the Cornerstone TXP to create inspiring and aligned growth opportunities for their people, while optimizing decision-making and improving agility for their organizations.

The Cornerstone TXP is designed to deliver on four key elements critical to people, talent and business transformation:

  • Holistic people growth experience – a personalized, end-to-end experience for users that seamlessly connects development (learning, content, and skill building) to new growth opportunities (marketplace of careers, communities of practice, mentors), ensuring alignment between talent strategy and business outcomes; while meeting the engagement and empowerment expectations of their people
  • Intelligent tech fabric – an AI-powered engine that collects, analyzes, and surfaces skills, content, and people data to help leaders manage talent pools, visualize skills, match supply and demand, map skills to performance and intelligently elevate content curation and management
  • Best-in-class learning and talent management – continued innovation and enhancement of the company’s foundational management systems, delivering the advanced capabilities that learning and talent leaders need to efficiently enable compliance, align business processes and maximize agility
  • Future-proof architecture – a friendly, flexible, open architecture designed for cross-portfolio integration and seamless connectivity to HR and business applications across the ecosystem – from productivity tools to back-office ERP systems – to give our customers the optionality of best-of-breed capabilities

“In today’s tumultuous macro climate, companies are scrambling to retain, reskill, and remobilize their employees to meet new demands for growth and transformation on an ever-evolving and increasingly competitive playing field,” said Himanshu Palsule, CEO, Cornerstone. "We believe we’re at an inflection point and the traditional HR technology landscape is ripe for reinvention. With Cornerstone’s new Talent Experience Platform, we’ve created a whole new blueprint for the way talent leaders can champion transformation in their organizations and inspire their people to grow and thrive in harmony with business objectives.”

Cornerstone’s TXP is available now, with roadmap offerings in early 2023 to include:

  • Opportunity Marketplace – an innovation built on the foundation of EdCast, and leveraging Cornerstone’s historic expertise in skills, recruitment marketing and candidate engagement, the Cornerstone Opportunity Marketplace extends the learning, performance and development experience by connecting career growth and mobility opportunities to employees. This talent marketplace offers the most holistic development and growth experience for people while giving talent leaders the ability to tightly connect their learning initiatives to broader skilling and growth initiatives. With a structured approach to acquiring skills, exploring careers, engaging in gigs and job rotations, and connecting with mentors and experts, employees will be able to visualize and build a flexible path for a fulfilling career inside their organizations. Personalized career opportunities based on employees' skills and aspirations are presented to help them make their next move and continue their professional growth. Opportunity Marketplace also enables organizations to create innovative talent sourcing models that effectively address skills and labor shortages. Opportunity Marketplace will be available for limited beta in Q4 2022 and will be generally available in Q1 2023.
  • Content Studio – Cornerstone’s Content Business will be expanding its portfolio with the release of Cornerstone Content Studio, a solution that will enable both learning and business leaders to improve the way they discover, curate and deliver content to their people. Content Studio is designed to improve content discovery, match content to people’s preferences and skills initiatives, elevate content analytics and streamline content management. Cornerstone Content Studio will be available to all customers and is designed to work with content from anywhere.
  • Skills Innovations – Keeping up with its approach to an open ecosystem, the company will be opening up its proprietary skills data to create the industry’s first open skill ontology. Customers will be able to establish an organization-wide skills ontology so they can utilize and extend it without being beholden to other skills ontologies offered in the market. Additionally, Cornerstone will be launching Cornerstone Skills Studio, a new product that builds on the technology foundation of the Cornerstone Skills Graph and EdCast’s SkillsDNA. This new product will enable talent leaders to better understand their people with tools that help analyze current skills, identify skill gaps, create development goals, and understand how employee skills trend over time. Cornerstone Skills Studio will also feature a new capability called the People Matrix to help organizations define critical skills for every role and visually identify qualified talent across their business (currently in beta and launching to all customers in early 2023).

The announcement comes as significant economic, geopolitical and social events converge to accelerate the global transformation and modernization of the workplace. Amid this shift, demand has grown for new technologies that can help business leaders engage an increasingly diverse and demanding workforce, close critical skill gaps, retain top talent, improve organizational agility and elevate people and talent decision-making.

“Cornerstone’s Talent Experience Platform transcends conventional thinking about the way we learn, grow and leverage technology at work. It's a groundbreaking concept that will help our customers future-proof their organizations,” said Karthik Suri, Chief Product Officer, Cornerstone. “Our TXP is built on the vast talent and industry expertise we have here at Cornerstone and draws on the technological strength of our entire portfolio, including the foundational strength and depth of Cornerstone, Saba and SumTotal, the experiential focus and data-centricity of EdCast, and the aspirational thinking of the entire team around open architectural design, deep insights responsibly mined from our vast data set and the power of AI.”

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