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Cornerstone & Chelsea FC Women: 2 titans team up for talent

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Cornerstone is the official learning and talent partner of Chelsea FC Women for the 2023/2024 season! We're so excited to help the Blues power potential on and off the pitch as they strive to repeat their domestic Double with a fourth-straight FA Cup triumph and fifth-consecutive Women's Super League Championship.

This partnership is an exhilarating opportunity to demonstrate how Cornerstone empowers people to be their most extraordinary at work and in the world as we follow the Chelsea onto victory!

A real 1–2 between people and their organization

Chelsea FC Women is a world-renowned football club with a roster of elite athletes who break barriers every day. But they aren't the only people who make sure Chelsea sees continued success.

When asked about the Cornerstone partnership, Zarah Al-Kudcy, women’s commercial director at Chelsea FC, said, 'Cornerstone’s learning and talent development tools will enable us to unleash the potential of the team behind the team. As a recent new member of the business myself, Cornerstone has already helped to accelerate my integration into the club.'

While there can only be 11 people on the pitch for Chelsea Women at any one time, an organisation of over 3,000 Blues is there for the assist. Every save Zecira Musovic makes and goal Lauren James scores was put into motion by each person in the Chelsea FC organisation.

And that support is where Cornerstone is making a massive impact. With our talent experience platform, Chelsea ensures each person in their organisation has the personalised training they need to reach their and the club’s goals. As with any team, an organisation can only grow if their people do first.

The GOOOOOOOOOOAL of our partnership

In Chelsea FC Women, we saw a partner that aligned with how we approach investing in growth and development. Just like how the Blues are the best of the best in football, Cornerstone is the best of the best in talent experience. We're both committed to unlocking the limitless potential of people.

Both Cornerstone and Chelsea have an unwavering commitment to lifelong learning, emphasising that continuous growth, skills development, and a winning mindset are crucial for every organisation's success around the world.

Chelsea has a dedicated football development team for training the next generation of superstars, and now, with Cornerstone, they have a loyal supporter in developing their people off the pitch, too.

From the back line to the back office

Our partnership presents an exciting moment for us to highlight and promote greater diversity and opportunities in the world of sports. It will showcase Cornerstone's impact on the entire Chelsea organisation, ensuring each team member, from Sam Kerr to Sam in partnerships, possesses the necessary skills for development and growth.

Ask any good manager and they'll say that the way Chelsea FC Women manager Emma Hayes speaks about investing in training sounds very familiar, 'It always takes time for players to settle into the environment because of the level of play and the intensity of the training. The expectations and demands don't just happen in a short period.'

Without an investment in training and allowing the time to build skills, no organisation can perform as well or for as long as the Chelsea FC Women have. And that's a reflection of how Cornerstone views talent experience.

'We are thrilled to be the official learning and talent partner of Chelsea FC Women,' said Himanshu Palsule, CEO of Cornerstone. 'Through this partnership, we can provide our world-class learning and development software to this elite group of players and staff, helping them reach even greater heights with a culture of continuous growth and development.'

We're gonna make this a blue day

Because EMEA is such an essential element of Cornerstone, we wanted to ensure our customers and future customers in the area know we're committed to them. And supporting such a storied club like Chelsea — with its fans (and rivals) around the globe — is a brilliant opportunity for us to show our support for you.

That support starts on the first of October when Chelsea kicks off their Women's Super League season against Tottenham Hotspur at the historic Stamford Bridge. Not only will all the match festivities be in full swing but Cornerstone Connect Live – London is happening the next day in that very stadium!

Then throughout the season, you'll find Cornerstone integrated with the team. Pitch-side branding, Chelsea hospitality, VIP experiences, events at Stamford Bridge, Kingsmeadow, and Cobham, and more! Our partnership extends directly to our customers who, through Cornerstone, can have the opportunity to attend home matches and root on the Blues from the sidelines.

Cornerstone is thrilled to be the official learning and talent partner of Chelsea FC Women, and we look forward to helping the Blues power potential on and off the pitch for the whole 2023/2024 season. Because at Cornerstone, our colour may be orange (AKA Corange), but come match day, we're all Blues.

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