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How Scout24 supports continuous development with digital learning opportunities

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Scout24 SE is a leading German digital company. Together with ImmoScout24, a digital marketplace for residential and commercial property, Scout24 has successfully been bringing owners, estate agents, tenants, and buyers together for more than 20 years. Over 20 million website or app users per month make ImmoScout24 the market leader in digital property marketing and searches.

Scout24 is headquartered in Munich with an additional location in Berlin. ImmoScout24 also has offices in Cologne and Vienna. In 2021, Scout24 employed around 850 people.

Scout24’s four core values are integral to its corporate culture. One of these core values is “Learning”. Scout24 wants to place a stronger emphasis on lifelong learning and continuous personal development within its organisation. To this end, Scout24 has been using a variety of learning management systems (LMS) for a number of years – these are made available to all employees on the Scout24Academy virtual learning platform. The overall aim of Scout24Academy is to make all Scout24-relevant training accessible in one place – from in-house seminars through specific training for the various company departments to free online courses.

In 2019, Scout24 realised it was time to take the next step and introduce a new LMS to truly live up to its “Learning” core value. The company wanted to make the learning experience as simple as possible for all employees across the organisation, catering for the new requirements of a modern learning environment and achieving even greater success in learning.

The company swiftly decided in favour of the Cornerstone LMS. The software meets all of the tech company’s requirements for a modern digital learning environment.

The solution: Cornerstone Learning

From proof of concept through mapping all processes to the pilot phase, the Cornerstone software was implemented without obstacles in a timeframe of around ten months. Scout24 achieved this in collaboration with its partner, Clevis. With a few minor adjustments, the LMS has also been made accessible to some of Scout24’s subsidiaries. Learning content for new subsidiaries can thus be introduced quickly and with relatively little administrative effort so that all employees can benefit from the learning platform.

Once the technical side was set up, Scout24 was very keen to embed the LMS within the organisation and quickly familiarise employees with the solution. Alongside e-mail communication at the launch of the new learning platform, a video message from the CEO, and a competition, the company also released flyers containing basic information as well as a beginner’s playlist for using the tool.

In 2020, the company wanted to embed the “Learning” core value even more firmly within its organisation. To that end, it implemented a “Learning Month” with more intense communication around training, tips, information about Scout24Academy, and more.

The results

With the Cornerstone LMS, employees can now independently search the app for courses that are relevant to them in a constantly growing training portfolio. In some cases, courses can be taken anywhere and anytime. The platform also promotes the exchange of ideas and social learning within the workforce. Employees can create their own playlists or set up learning communities for particular topics.

In addition, the new LMS from Cornerstone enables allows Scout24Academy’s peer-to-peer offering to be built out further. This allows employees to share specific training content and materials with each other. Scout24 has also added to its general offering of in-person training and online courses since the solution was launched.

The greatest demand is for the learning pathways and materials on job-specific topics provided by internal specialist departments. Other popular content touches on leadership, diversity, and communication, as well as personal development topics like work-life balance or mindfulness training.

A further advantage of the new learning solution is the clear reduction in the HR team’s administrative workload. KPIs can be called up much more quickly, and new content can be made available with less time and effort. Internal providers, i.e. the specialist departments, have also gained more autonomy with the ability to publish content on the platform themselves and view the corresponding data.

By simplifying all of these processes, HR staff benefit from more time to deal with other concerns raised by their colleagues.

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