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Laserfiche Takes Compliance Training and Employee Learning to a New Level


  • Managing Laserfiche’s compliance training program through manual processes was not sustainable as the company grew: Training completions were tracked via Excel spreadsheets and course registrations were managed via Outlook email invites.
  • There was no scalable way to launch a comprehensive, cohesive, and impactful professional and personal development learning program company-wide.
  • The company’s new hire onboarding process lacked the structure it needed to ensure that every employee had a consistent experience and received the same information.

Why Cornerstone?

Laserfiche has a long history of going above and beyond in terms of its compliance training program and requirements. From product workshops to leadership and management seminars to anti-harassment and diversity sensitivity training—and well beyond—at least one registration email gets sent to employees per week to participate in a training session of some sort. “With everything going on in the world right now, it’s critical for our employees to be trained, knowledgeable, and aware of the role they each play in the bigger picture,” says Mandana Basetvat, Laserfiche’s Director of Learning and Development.

Before landing on Cornerstone, Basetvat and her team went through a thorough vendor review process. The key criteria was simple: Laserfiche wanted to work with a partner whose core business specialized in learning and development. Fortunately, Cornerstone Learning not only ticked off all of the necessary boxes, but unlike other competitors, also offered a uniquely engaging user experience—akin to many of today’s popular online TV streaming services—that she knew would ultimately boost user adoption.

Even more, this wasn’t Basetvat’s first time working with Cornerstone. Her prior experience with the company gave her the added confidence that implementation would be a breeze. “Knowing how to implement the program and run the admin side of things made it an easier sell,” confirmed Basetvat. “Our team is focused on creating the best possible experience for our employees, so this was really important. I knew that Cornerstone would work without having to do any unnecessary ‘heavy lifting’ to get it up and running.”


Turn-key implementation. “Implementing Cornerstone Learning was straightforward and smooth,” confirmed Basetvat. “In fact, we were able to go live within three months of signing the contract!” Cornerstone’s user-friendly “plug and play” marketplace, simple single sign-on capabilities, and out-of-the-box smart configurations help make this a truly seamless process for all businesses. “On top of that, working with Cornerstone’s implementation consultants as well as our dedicated onboarding client success manager were both really great experiences for us, too.” 

Increased user adoption. “The look and feel of Cornerstone’s learner homepage made it easier to encourage our employees to use the platform,” explained Basetvat. “It is beautifully laid out and incredibly intuitive, which makes people really want to take advantage of the resources it offers.” Since implementing Cornerstone Learning, employees log into the platform on a regular basis. To help drive adoption, Basetvat partnered with Laserfiche’s marketing department to create eye-catching graphics, a strategic launch plan, and a catchy name: Laserfiche LaunchPad. And while Basetvat’s team went—in her own words—“overboard” to prepare employees for using the platform, the product’s intuitiveness alone minimized user issues in a big way. Getting employees to use Cornerstone didn’t require much convincing at all.

Streamlined compliance tracking. “We now have the ability to track completion rates in real-time,” shared Basetvat. “What we’re finding is that compliance training is getting completed faster than ever before.” Cornerstone’s personalized automated email reminders, which can be programmed at the onset of any compliance training campaign, are to thank for this. Not only have they helped accelerate time-to-completion, but they have also eliminated the need for Basetvat and her team to reach out to employees one by one. “Our employees are automatically and consistently reminded to complete training, emphasizing its importance and eliminating the need for my team to follow up manually.” 

Expanded learning. “CyberU courses are being taken without even being assigned,” expressed Basetvat. “Employees are really showing initiative and taking learning into their own hands.” Laserfiche gives all employees 50+ ‘working hours’ annually that can be used for attending conferences and webinars or taking CyberU courses. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, this desire to learn grew even stronger, especially around the company’s Food For Thought series, which explores the health- and wellness-related issues that employees care about most. “With Cornerstone, we’ve truly created a culture of learning,” reiterated Basetvat. 

“Before Cornerstone, we were manually tracking compliance training through Excel spreadsheets. With Cornerstone, we have a better way of ensuring that all employees are up to date with compliance training.”

— Valen Anderson, Senior Instructional Designer at Laserfiche

Next Steps

There are even more benefits that Laserfiche looks forward to getting out of Cornerstone Learning in the near term. This includes:

  • Improving email communications and notifications to make them more effective and action-driving;
  • Digging into the platform’s reporting features to create a standard metrics dashboard for sharing success and key outcomes with senior leadership;
  • Redesigning the learner homepage regularly to keep both the content fresh and employees engaged around new learning opportunities; and
  • Embracing employee feedback to improve the user experience, improve the training modules and other learning content, and update the CyberU courses quarterly.

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