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Celebrating the winners of the 2022 Cornerstone EMEA Rave Awards

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The 2022 Cornerstone EMEA RAVE Awards took place at Cornerstone Connect Live. The event was terrific and celebrating our customers' wins in person was the night's highlight.

The RAVE (Remarkable Achievements and Visionary Elites) Awards are our yearly moment to honor our customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) that made incredible strides with Cornerstone. These wonderful organizations join the Cornerstone North America RAVE Award winners in their monumental achievements for their people and organizations this year.

The most challenging part of any RAVE Awards is choosing which of our customers to recognize for their triumphs in People Experience, Onboarding & Recruitment, Learning & Development, Performance & Career, and Content Adoption. This year's EMEA competition was no exception, but these eight customers stood out and changed their organizations in new and impressive ways.

We don’t want to keep you waiting any longer so here are your 2022 EMEA RAVE Award winners!

People’s Experience: GMV

GMV is a highly specialized technological solutions company that serves the space, automotive, cybersecurity and defense sectors. In 2005, GMV had 400 employees. Today, GMV is more than 2,600 employees strong. While GMV was experiencing an incredible increase in its workforce, it needed a solution that would help them continue to attract top talent, as well as a solution that would help with employee growth and retention.

Before Cornerstone, GMV did not have a people management solution to keep up with its growing needs. The organization did its people management activities manually using various tools and systems. GMV wanted a one intuitive platform that streamlined its processes.

In 2019, GMV partnered with Cornerstone to leverage its AI-powered people development program. GMV started with a solution to store employee data in one place and then expanded into talent acquisition and onboarding solutions. GMV's HR department increased their visibility into employee development within the company with Cornerstone and use us to identify current employees who can fill new roles.

GMV continues to innovate. They're using Cornerstone to build leadership modules to assist with team building and create a shared vision for business success. GMV is now better positioned for growth and employee trust and loyalty.

Onboarding & Recruitment: Flybe

Flybe Limited is a young company founded in April 2021. Eager to prove that they were no fly-by-night operation, Flybe stands out from their competition by providing service with a smile, going the extra mile for their passengers, and dedicating themselves to environmental sustainability.

The company turned to Cornerstone because the strict regulations throughout the airline industry created time-intensive hiring and onboarding procedures that slowed down their growth goals. With Cornerstone, Flybe built a streamlined custom process that sped up their hiring while meeting every industry regulation requirement. They showed that they were an actual people-first organization by creating a sustainable hiring and onboarding process that was great for their people and organization.

Learning & Development: Virgin Atlantic and Royal HaskoningDHV

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic had to make some adjustments to its learning processes. Already a company that knows how valuable employees are, the airline found itself with a limited budget and an outdated, geographically restrictive learning platform.

Thanks to Cornerstone, Virgin Atlantic’s company learning underwent a complete transformation. Virgin Atlantic adopted an employee learning program that prioritizes personal development. The company expanded its 100-course library to now over 5,000 courses. Then, Virgin Atlantic took a giant leap forward. They moved from geographically restrictive classroom learning to digital classes. Virgin Atlantic’s eLearning platform went from being a compliance-only platform to an employee-focused one offering growth opportunities.

Royal HaskoningDHV

Royal HaskoningDHV is a consultancy that blends 140 years of engineering expertise with digital technology and software solutions. They care deeply about their people and their contribution to society. With nearly 6,000 employees in 25 countries, Royal HaskoningingDHV takes its influence seriously.

The company embarked on a learning transformation journey with a need to anchor their upskilling and reskilling priorities in their goals and objectives and offer personal, digital, inclusive and self-directed learning opportunities.

Leaning on Cornerstone's expertise, Royal HaskoningDHV created a learning ecosystem that hosted four critical academies aligned to transformational goals, offered tools to encourage learners to take ownership of their own development and built opportunities to learn from each other. Cornerstone played an important role in augmenting learning transformation in Royal HaskoningDHV by supplementing with the right set of tools, solutions and technology that strengthened and elevated their overall learning experience.

Performance & Career: Teleperformance and RPS Group


Teleperformance genuinely cares about employee development and retention. During 2021, the company soft-launched a new Global Performance Management process which is designed to unify all employees with a transparent and objective Performance Review process.

Teleperformance zeroed in on ten core competencies applicable to all staff and documented minimum skills for all core roles. This was supported by the implementation of Cornerstone SBX to create a unified platform to deliver and manage the process.

With this platform in place, Teleperformance can continue its focus on internal career development with a solid foundation. The company has already reached a lofty goal of 70% internal recruitment for open vacancies.

RPS Group

RPS Group was making a major shift to invest more in its people. Before the pandemic, it had a low 50% engagement rate in performance conversations. The organisation experienced disconnect between expectations of managers and employees.

RPS launched Progress on Demand (POD) by utilizing Cornerstone Performance. This new program enabled teams and managers to communicate better. Even more impressive, the employee engagement rate jumped to 98% at the year-end review in 2020.

In 2021, RPS Group launched a “Your Voice” survey, which allowed employees to provide feedback to managers, further bolstering manager and employee communication. The survey received an 85% response rate.

If that wasn’t enough, RPS is not done growing and implementing. They rolled out a mobile learning platform in 2022 with Cornerstone and are already working on the next innovation to assist their managers and employees.

Content Adoption: BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas Group is headquartered in Paris and operates in 72 countries. The company boasts an impressive list of nearly thirty-three million clients within the retail, banking, and investment spaces.

BNP was struggling with content that felt like it was out of date. They needed a solution that was budget-friendly while being able to reflect the diversity within their organization.

With Cornerstone’s assistance, they successfully updated their content and spoke to the younger generation, which tends to favor digital content.

Not only did BNP utilize Cornerstone for help with content but they also increased the offerings in their HR department. BNP focuses on its employees, ensuring that it provides opportunities for employees to learn and grow within the organization.

An additional award for Learning & Development: Danone

Danone, an international food company, has made great strides in becoming a company that values the health of its customers and employees. Danone is working on becoming a company that utilizes local, sustainable resources and puts the environment first. Danone isn't just about growth and profits; they are a company on a mission to become environmentally responsible.

Danone supports over 100,000 employees in 57 countries. That's no small feat. Danone's philosophy centers around empathy and curiosity while focusing on health and inclusivity.

Through assistance from EdCast by Cornerstone, Danone created a "Campus for All" program that helps to foster employee growth and development.

Putting our customers first

Seeing our customers shine inspires us to continue evolving and expanding our offerings, helping more organizations turn their dreams of a more unified workforce into a reality.

Congratulations to all our 2022 EMEA RAVE Award Winners!

To learn more about how Cornerstone customers utilize our tools to bring innovation and deliver results to their employees using our solutions, visit our Resource Center to read more customer success stories.

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