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Following on from our March 2023 Content Investment Trends session, we have taken the four top trending topics from across our 100 million users and done a deep dive on each one.

Across the four sessions Mark Lamswood discussed Sustainability, Technology, DEIB and Health & Wellbeing with a series of subject matter experts. Explore each of these webinars below.

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Top 10 benefits of HR digital transformation in 2024

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Top 10 benefits of HR digital transformation in 2024

Fast and frequent changes in technology have forced almost every organisation to transform in some way, touching all parts of the business. For HR, this digital transformation is two-fold – transactional and transformational. Transactional includes processes like payroll, leave management, benefits management and time management, whereas transformational includes talent management (recruiting, learning, mobility, performance, business intelligence, workforce planning and the use of big data).

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