The importance of enabling talent mobility for organisations and their people

Brandon Hall Group Executive Interview with Katie Ballantyne

Explore the crucial topic of enabling talent mobility for organisations and their employees with Katie, our VP of global learning strategy and innovation, in a recent podcast episode by Brandon Hall Group.

With deep insights into how talent mobility has changed, Katie explains why organisations must prioritise it now and how to enable it across the workforce.

Discover valuable strategies for managers and employees alike, including how to rethink talent hoarding and balance growth desires with business needs.

Learn how to gain a better understanding of employee skills and development goals, while avoiding the potential costs of neglecting talent mobility.

Don't miss out on Katie's expert advice for launching talent mobility initiatives.

Read the full interview below.

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2023 UK HR and Talent Mobility Survey


2023 UK HR and Talent Mobility Survey

Cornerstone undertook a short HR and Talent Mobility survey in March and April 2023 with 207 UK-based, HR Magazine readers. This report shows the results of the survey.

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