3 Things you need to know about your talent strategy in 2024

Carina Cortez, chief people officer at Cornerstone, joined Talent Management for a three-part video series on key trends and findings from the Cornerstone Talent Health Index in 2024.

Part One: Three things you need to know about your talent strategy in 2024

In part one, the conversation examines meeting employee expectations for skill development. Cortez emphasizes the growing desire among employees for more development opportunities, citing statistics from the Cornerstone 2023 Talent Health Index. Notably, 41% of employees feel they lack the necessary resources for skill development, 65% seek additional learning content, 62% desire more coaching and mentoring and 59% seek increased career guidance.

Despite these clear employee expectations, Cortez points out that many organizations focus on administrative tasks rather than exploring innovative ways to empower employees to learn and grow. The Talent Health Index places organizations at an administrative maturity level, indicating a need for greater adoption of emerging talent innovations, such as leveraging learner-centric tools and AI technology to optimize talent processes.

Part Two: Mind the Gap! Examining the Divide Between Employers and Employees

In part two, Carina uncovers pivotal insights from the Cornerstone Talent Health Index. Unveiling a persistent skills gap between employers and employees, Cortez sheds light on a staggering 29% confidence gap in addressing this challenge. The video highlights the crucial necessity for organizations to shift gears, advocating for a comprehensive talent strategy that goes beyond the basics.

Explore four key priority areas, including leveraging technology for scalable learning, fostering knowledge networks for collective growth, harnessing AI and machine learning for personalized development and implementing robust skills programs to empower employees with reskilling and upskilling opportunities. Don't miss this dynamic exploration into the future of talent development.

Part Three: Putting ideas into action: Taking control of your talent programs

In part three, Carina examines high-performance organizations (HPOs), where excellence is not just a goal but a living reality. HPOs shine in customer satisfaction, productivity, employee retention, and overall performance, painting a vivid picture of success. With elevated maturity levels in content strategy, skill strategy and performance management, these organizations stand as beacons of strategic prowess.

The secret lies in Cornerstone's Talent Health Index, a transformative tool measuring program maturity across seven dimensions. Unleash the power of technology, cultivate an organization-first culture, harness the potential of AI and machine learning and optimize performance management to propel your organization into the echelons of greatness.

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