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5 ways HR teams can start using GenAI today

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In today's complex world of HR management, staying ahead of the curve is a high priority. And when it comes to embracing cutting-edge technologies that can revolutionize HR operations, one stands out among the rest: Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). Powered by the remarkable capabilities of large language models (LLMs), GenAI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, LLaMA and others offer HR leaders an incredible toolkit to elevate their practices and streamline critical processes.

However, it’s essential to strike a balance between automation and the human touch, as HR functions necessitate human intervention and oversite. It’s critical that HR teams use GenAI tools responsibly, especially public and free tools. Never put privileged information, such as employee, customer, proprietary, etc. data, into a GenAI tool, and always make sure a person is reviewing the output for unintentional biases, tone and other shortcomings. GenAI should always be seen as a supportive tool, not the end-all-be-all.

So what does the future hold for HR innovation? Let’s uncover five ingenious ways HR teams can start using this state-of-the-art technology to launch their operations to new heights.

1) Create compelling job descriptions — Writing job advertisements that win candidates over is crucial for attracting top talent. By providing basic information about the job role and desired qualifications, GenAI can generate well-structured job ads that capture the attention of potential candidates, saving time and effort for recruiters and hiring managers. HR leaders can then review and refine the content, ensuring it aligns with their organization's branding and culture. For example, a GenAI prompt for a job description could look something like this:

“Write me a job description for a Warehouse Logistics manager at a global shipping company. The candidate should have excellent organization and delegation skills and at least four years of experience in warehousing work. Write the job description to appeal to millennial professionals looking to land their first people management role.”

2) Answer common HR queries — HR departments often receive a high volume of routine — or general — questions from employees regarding policies, benefits, leave management, etc. By training GenAI-powered chatbots on frequently asked questions and providing access to top-level HR policies and documents, HR leaders can ensure that employees receive prompt and accurate responses, reducing the burden on HR staff and improving the overall employee experience. For example, these chatbots can answer basic questions on general queries, like:

  • “What is our company’s parental leave policy?”
  • “What is the policy for taking a sabbatical or additional time off over and above my allotted vacation days?”
  • “Where can I find information on my health benefits?”
  • “Do we get President’s Day off?”

3) Compose interview questions and recommend answers — By leveraging the language model's capabilities, recruiters can create a comprehensive list of interview questions covering technical skills and cultural fit. Moreover, GenAI tools can analyze and recommend potential answers to these questions based on the desired criteria, enabling recruiters to evaluate candidate responses more efficiently. For example, a prompt to develop interview questions could look something like this:

“Write five job interview questions for an entry-level call center sales role that help identify candidates who are self-starters, persuasive communicators and resilient in the face of rejection. For each question, also provide answers that a candidate may give that demonstrate those qualities.”

4) Enhance onboarding and training — By utilizing GenAI to develop interactive onboarding modules or training materials, HR departments can provide employees with self-paced learning experiences. GenAI can simulate conversations and answer questions related to the onboarding process, company policies and procedures, creating an immersive and personalized onboarding experience for new hires. For example, GenAI can be programmed to act as a virtual onboarding assistant for new hires, quickly answering questions like:

  • “What should I expect during the first days and weeks of onboarding?”
  • “Who will be my direct supervisor, and how will they support me in my role?”
  • “Where can I register for compliance training?”

5) Optimize performance management and feedback HR leaders can use the language model to help build out structures like chat-based surveys that assist in gathering employee insights. GenAI can also help generate performance review templates, provide recommendations for improvement and facilitate feedback conversations between managers and employees. And it doesn’t stop there. For example, an advanced AI system can also be leveraged to answer personalized questions like:

  • “What relevant skill development opportunities are available for a project manager?”
  • “Which teams have shown the most significant performance improvements in the last quarter?”
  • “What are the most common themes from our recent employee survey, and how do they align with job satisfaction and engagement?”

AI in human resource management

Unleashing the potential of GenAI within HR operations opens the door to a world of remarkable advantages for HR leaders. With this sophisticated language model as their ally, HR departments can effortlessly automate mundane tasks, turbocharge response time, supercharge candidate evaluation and streamline training processes.

By masterfully blending the extraordinary power of GenAI with the artistry of human expertise, HR leaders can optimize their operations and create extraordinary employee experiences. And as businesses embrace the amazing possibilities of modern technology, they position themselves at the forefront of HR innovation, ready to confidently navigate the future and unlock their human capital's full potential.

To discover how cutting-edge AI can propel your talent programs, drive innovation and elevate your organization to new heights, explore Cornerstone AI innovations. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the HR curve and experience the capabilities of intentional AI today.

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