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6 At-Work Gifts That Won't Break the Bank

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With the holiday season just around the corner, people are ready to celebrate — both at home and in the office. Still, many companies are recovering from economic hardships, so throwing elaborate parties and giving employees huge bonuses may be out of the question.

Just because the budget isn't overflowing doesn't mean companies shouldn't celebrate, says Jay Forte on Human Capitalist. "These celebrations really matter: They connect, unite and engage us," writes Forte. "They humanize our workplace and help us see the personal side of our teammates and customers."

Creating a culture of celebration is a good place to start. Here Forte recommends six gifts for a culture of celebration:

  1. Camaraderie. Encourage employees to spend social time together by hosting a departmental potluck party.

  1. DiversityCelebrate different cultures by "having employees bring in some ethnic traditional food to share and give them time to explain how they celebrate their important holidays," writes Forte.

  1. Experiences. Bring entertainment to the office by hiring a magician or caricature artist — or host holiday bingo or holiday game night.

  1. Support"Make a donation for a cause that aligns with beliefs and values of the organization as the holiday gift," suggests Forte.

  1. Choice. If a monetary gift is a must-have, set a dollar limit and let employees choose from a list of various gift cards.

  1. Time. Meet with each employee to connect on a personal level and learn ways to help him or her develop and improve performance.

Great celebrations don't need to break the bank, "they simply need to be personal and genuine," writes Forte. "Add more humanity to your holidays and your celebrations will be remembered more than the gadgets, tchotchkes or stuff that just gets dusty, packed in a box or put on the shelf."

Read more at Human Capitalist.

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